Sunday, October 31, 2010

BBC: Christianity Bad, Paganism Good

The British Broadcasting Propaganda Machine of the Proposed New Order of the World "Sucks Up" to the Pagans, Damian Thompson of the Telegraph reports...

Utterly fawning coverage from the BBC of the pagan festival of Halloween or “Samhain”, including an interview with a chief pagan in a sheepskin. “We’ll be continuing with our coverage throughout the day, watching the celebration of the most important festival of the pagan year,” we’re promised.

Robert Piggott, the BBC’s bien pensant religious affairs correspondent, seems enchanted by paganism. “Indeed modern Paganism is a reinvented religion, whose members seek the divine in nature,” he gushes.

“It originated among ancient Celts for whom the natural world was a wilderness that brought them death and danger as well as sustaining life. In contemporary Britain its members are more worried about the destruction of the natural world"...Read More

--->The Scholars and the Goddess. Historically speaking, the "ancient" rituals of the Goddess movement are almost certainly bunk...Read it all

--->Francis Bacon, What "light" Was Lit by He? "Ancient Seer of Modern [En-light-enment] Marvels" ---by Phillip and Paul Collins (click)

--->Carl Jung: Sorcerer
of the New Age...

Note: Many modern 'pagans' though (especially young ones), and unlike apostates, evidently have not yet heard that Genesis demythologized the entire ancient world with its plethora of wildly conflicting anthropomorphized gods, hypostatized stars and planets, witches, spells, projections, Furies and Fates...nor that good and evil can never be 'reconciled' in the universe that God created. So these person's remain awaiting the Good News: "The world is not, as people used to think then, a chaos of mutually opposed forces; nor is it the dwelling of demonic powers from which human beings must protect themselves. The sun and the moon are not deities that rule over them, and the sky that stretches over their heads is not full of mysterious and adversary divinities. Rather, all of this comes from one power, from God's eternal Reason, which became -- in the Word -- the power of creation."---Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, In the Beginning, Ignatius Press

--->Speaking of the devil: NCR’s Joan Chittister (left), compares apostate lesbian androphobe Mary Daly to the Mother of God (click). Imagine. Note to Protestant friends: "Mother of God" is a Christological confession. On the deity of Christ in scripture see here...

--->Who Was this Feminist Self-proclaimed Witch, Mary Daly? She Weren't No Lady...That's for sure ...Read it

Ancient old world paganism was very brutal. Infanticide was common (See wikipedia on this...) and oulawed by Christians everywhere they went.

--->A good program about what the FDA is trying to do to small farmers; and it was shocking to hear how some are trying to get the Amish designated a "cult" for political purposes, an attempt possibly to outlaw their farms.

--->Opinion. Former climatology professor at the University of Winnipeg: Climate Change Hysteria Falters. Water Is The New Target...

--->Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water...

--->Opinion. Peak Oil: The numbers
. A rather exhaustive but important analysis...

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  1. One should not be surprised at this. After all, it is a small leap from scientific materialism, in which all reality is what we can percieve with our senses, and worshiping it. It makes sense that paganism should be identified with enviromentalism. I remeber a commercial about Native American cultural that claimed that this culture "may one day save our own."
    It is also very instructive to go to Salem MA. It is a Mecca of neopaganism. The Witch Museum, in particular, presents revisionist pagan history. Among other things it claims that The Church instigated the burning of witches because they were women who were getting to good at healing and other things and that threatened the male hierarchy! (pause for derisive laughter) The Church is presented in this history as the enemy, to say nothing of the Puritans, who are used as a straw man to whack Christianity in general.