Sunday, October 3, 2010

Time Out Arrogance Ignorance And Greed

Show of Hands' anger

All I wanted was a home and a roof over our heads
Somewhere we could call our own feel safer in our beds
There was a storm of money raining down it only touched the ground
With a loan I took I cant repay and the crock of gold you found

At every trough you stopped to feed
With your Arrogance, your Ignorance and Greed.

I never was a cautious man
I spend more than I'm paid
But those with something put aside
Are the ones that you betrayed...

With your bonuses and expenses
You shovelled down your throat
Now you bit the hand that fed you..

"So where's your thrift, your caution, your honest sound advice,
You know you dealt yourself a winning hand, and loaded every dice." ...All of lyrics

But see the music the poor make anyway, even on the poorest guitar, no thanks to our greed...

--->Very nice. US Apologizes for Giving (Catholic, native...) Guatemalans Syphilis in 1940s Experiment. "American scientists deliberately infected prisoners and patients in a mental hospital in Guatemala with syphilis 60 years ago, a recently unearthed experiment that prompted U.S. officials to apologize Friday and declare outrage over "such reprehensible research...

"In Guatemala, 696 men and women were exposed to syphilis or in some cases gonorrhea, through jail visits by prostitutes or, when that didn't infect enough people, by deliberately inoculating them, reported Wellesley College historian Susan Reverby. "Those who were infected were all offered penicillin, but it wasn't clear how many were infected and how many were successfully treated." Q: Will there be reparations, or is the bailout money all taken? "The U.S. helped topple the democratically elected president Jacobo Arbenz in 1954 and backed several hardline governments during a 36-year civil war that ended in 1996 and cost 200,000 lives." (200,000 souls... far more than September 11, 2001 which caused us to set the world on fire. Q: where dwelleth the antichristic? Here are other outrages... to ruin your dinner. The Outrage done, another apology, 60 years later. I suppose in 60 years time we can apologize to the Iraqis. Perpetual outrages, perpetual immunity...)

--->Report: "US poisons 8 Gulf aid workers" (video) "The entire Project Gulf Impact film crew have been hospitalized with life-threatening poisoning symptoms".

--->MRSA Scare Blown Out of Proportion; food chain overreactions reported.

--->New Jersey Defunds Planned Parenthood . Wow. We're fighting back.

Criticism: Dear Stephen, you admit over and over (again tonight on the Guatemala syphilis-scandal) that our government has done terrible things in the world and yet you balk at thinking our government could kill thousands of its own citizens?...

Reply: You are correct that I have no illusions about how badly we have behaved in countless instances around the world since the end of WWII especially. Of course in the latest report about Guatemala the government admits the crime and so believing it is not an issue. As a young radio news reporter, however, (and I will sound like a broken record in what follows) I was always taught that the first rule is to know the difference between a fact, a hunch, and a definitive conclusion and never to confuse these. I was held to this standard rigidly, even when I suspected someone (usually a politician) was guilty of something, and it spared me much trouble. It's the difference between a fact and the jumping to a conclusion.

This time-honored standard protects anyone who might be falsely accused of something. I have stated the reasons why I think it would be premature at best to conclude to an "inside job," why I am not convinced.

What I see with "Truthers" is that many in good faith often begin with theory based on reasonable or at least plausible geopolitical fears or hunches; then they search suspicious events for evidence to substantiate the fears. However one seldom comes away from any controversy or controversial event without at least some unexplained facts and flags; but what is made of these unexplained facts and how they are shaped is another thing. It would only take one or more (very long delayed) whistleblower(s) to come forward and everything might change. Until then presumption of innocence in particular instances stands, until such time as unambiguous evidence surfaces which shows beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed. One may theorize, speculate on partial evidence; sometimes it is even a duty for a good citizen to try. But when I hear radio barkers screaming that an inside job was not only possible or probable, but "an absolute certainty!" then I know that they have not learned the first and most elementary rule. They have crossed a line that was once honored in journalism.

 Julius Caesar assassination, 44 B.CApropos of the above, I think many things are possible or perhaps even probable, but even here I cannot always know with an absolute certainty. For instance, the long predicted New World Order is being built up around us (=probable as I see it; though I think another name for it is good old fashioned paganism, resurgent, this time on steroids however due to rapid science-fiction-like technological 'advances,' and suspect it is the result of a falling away from God and the moral and natural laws; it is also likely corporate globalization based on old fashioned greed more than any cabal of persons or groups even if many assist in various ways); Or the JFK assassination a planned hit / coup (think Julius Caesar and his assassins; such assassinations / coups are almost common in history) by disgruntled persons, elements within (not whole) agencies (=probable, the evidence well known); Or that we are in the countdown to the terminus of human history which Jesus told us to watch for (=possible as I see it, but not certain, which is why I speak of the "antichristic" more than the eschatological Antichrist; this antichristic anticipates that "lawless one" and "mystery of iniquity" but has existed in history in degrees from the beginning, and today more than ever it seems to me), etc. In any case that's the way I see it all to date.