Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ancient Propaganda. The Forma Urbis Romae: "Universal Peace" = Wartime Victories and Pacification

The Temple of Peace, called the Forma Urbis Romae in ancient Rome, "proposed by Vespasian for his Forum was that of pacification derived from wartime victories. In order to truly express the Temple of Peace, the Pax ("Pax" means "peace" in the Latin language) was the symbol of the complex itself.

Naturally, the architectural decoration and entire figuration of the Forum was connected to the concept of universal peace. This is demonstrated by the display of spoils from the Judaic wars which is not only a sign of conquest, but also one of desire to continue peace between the two populations.

The works of art that Nero wanted to keep for himself were returned to the public by Vespasian as an internal sign of peace.

It was also a sign of invitation to share with the Emperor the appreciation of Greek art which included masterpieces by the Galati group from Pergamo, the Ganimede of Leochares, statues by Fidia and Policleto, and paintings by Nicomaco." [Source]

--->Blowback Threat or Election Time? U.S. Issues Travel Alert for Europe, Cites Terror Threat. "Militants based in Pakistan are planning coordinated strikes in the U.K., France and Germany, prompting the recent increase in U.S. drone strikes in the region, Sky News reported, citing U.S. officials it didn't name. ABC News, citing U.S. and European officials, said the tipoff came from a German terror suspect held in Afghanistan who told interrogators that teams of attackers with European passports have been dispatched..."

--->Key NATO supply route hit again in Pakistan; at least 20 tankers carrying oil for NATO and U.S. troops in Afghanistan on Monday, the third such strike inside Pakistan in as many days, police said.

--->Pope to Sicilians fighting Mafia: Do not give in

--->China seeks stability above all else in N.Korea: analysts say

Look at an infantryman's eyes and you can tell how much war he has seen- Bill Mauldin, Up Front, 1944. --->Mexico roiled by grenades, kidnappings in bloody weekend

--->Iran arrests 'nuclear spies' accused of cyber attacks

--->CDC: Two More U.S. Women Have Died From Using RU 486 Abortion Drug

--->Free speech cases at top of Supreme Court's agenda beginning this week

--->Climate Talks: Delegates are gathering in China for the final round of UN climate talks before this year's summit in Mexico, which begins at the end of November

--->Damian Thompson: is the Church of England trying to pull a fast one?

--->Abortionist Pulls Gun
on Pro-Lifers

--->Ellen Brown: Economic Shock Therapy for Wall Street
- Mortgage Lenders Could Soon be Falling like Dominos

--->Joseph Sobran, famous conservative columnist turned libertarian-anarchist, died on September 30th after a long illness. He was 64 years old. Sobran, an elegant and brilliant writer, was an honest and fearless man who dared to judge people in high places by the contents of their deeds and character, not by supposed partisan orthodoxies. The New York Times, referring to him as a moralist, wrote in its obituary, "As a conservative Roman Catholic, he made a particular target of the Supreme Court’s decisions legalizing abortion and protecting pornography as free speech". Thank you for that, Mr. Sobran.

Sobran famously broke with his old friend, William F. Buckley Junior, editor of National Review, over the matter of the Israeli lobby, as near as I can tell; his real object being "to keep this country – and especially my own family—out of war". Thank you for that too, Mr. Sobran. He paid a dear price for loving peace and truth and hating unnecessary and immoral conflict which only yields nihilism and death. "Bill [Buckley] has left a confused legacy. Many people, thanks in part to him, now equate conservatism with militarism," he wrote.

A courageous and just man is hard to find in the world of punditry and fame; a man willing to sacrifice the glittering temptations of that fame for honesty's sake and end up practically broke, even rarer. His last article, found at this site, pretty much sums it all up in a way. He lived and died for life---for everyone's life. That is no small thing.

---> Bush the Infidel by Joseph Sobran, 2004 "Once you’ve killed a certain number of people, even with the best will in the world, it becomes awkward to make the cheerful admission, “I goofed.” Halfway through his river of blood, Macbeth reflects that going back would be as tedious as going all the way across. Actually, it turns out that he hasn’t even gone halfway yet."

--->Infiltrators. It's on the campuses where they are being hatched and are nesting. Notre Dame administration denounces allegedly anti-gay cartoon but yawns at cartoon brutally lampooning the Pope as evidence surfaces of anti-Catholic pro-gay bias in faculty hiring....... Drop a dime on Jenkins

God's commandments and train tracks have a lot in common. If we want to be "free" of the rails we get nowhere ---or worse.

--->Teen gets 12-month sentence for minor offense - and thug gets probation for raping her

--->PBS Tuesday Night: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers

--->Muslims burn Christian churches in response to Koran burnings

Truth is beyond Left and Right. It is the Source of what is true in either flank and discards the rest.