Sunday, September 5, 2010

Time Out! for Tweeter and the Monkey Man

...Er, which I like to think of today as a quaint Parable wherein it is asked, in what I enjoy fancying as cryptogram -- which it is not: if the Wall Street bankers, whose Dons now sip Pina Colada's in Aruba, can loot the taxpayers of trillions for their own personal Casino---facetiously called the Economy---and get away with it, then who or what are criminals anymore? The walls have come down, no?---all the way to hell. At least the mafia play by rules...Rumor has it that for Dylan the Monkey Man meant Satan for sure. No doubt in my mind.

I think when I was younger I was told that when a man died bad he went to Jersey where the Monkey Man ruled. But since then I have come to know too many good Christian people in New Jersey who have kept him off their backs, and so I have yet another theological problem to grapple with!

Meanwhile, Activist Kate O'Sullivan managed to get through tight security to confront Tony Blair in an attempt to put him in the Can as he held a book signing in Dublin. Now, ain't those young Cork lasses something? It's where my forebears came from, having been starved out by Malthus' English disciples...who today conquer through "international" proxies. More... shoes and eggs... Now pan over to Paris where The Utopians have invited in droves the very peoples who assaulted Europe for centuries; today I suspect they are being used as pawns doubtless to stir up conflict in order to increase the need for "protection" of the truly French which the Powers---ever looking to tighten their stranglehold---are only too willing to provide? Clever little devils, those Utopian Powers, yes? Can there be any real doubt they serve the Monkey Man?

--->Well, I suppose it's better than getting stoned to death? Helluva choice. Earlier Benedict XVI deplored the "brutal" sentence.

What's SHE looking at?--->Speaking of leaking English rafts.... Look, here's a serious proposal. All who respect the Natural Law and who are panting for Scripture and Tradition take one final bow before a painting of that poor wench Anne Boleyn and her Consort (either bodily end for the bow will do), abandon the rafts, then grab the ropes and get the heck on the Barque and leave the Queen to preside over a new church of Lesbos. Deal? Luther and Henry won't mind, they're always reinventing themselves.

--->As ordinary people are being evicted and then hurled 'out of cars' by strangers in fancy suits, they wake up on the roadside disoriented, rain falling on their shoes, and see where their honest money has gone. The true cost of the Iraq war: $3 trillion and beyond ...

Foreclosed--->For many unemployed workers, jobs aren't coming back

--->John McCain says what the GOP is yet another "Contract for America". Heck, this from the breacher's of the last? We are living in a tragi-comedy, right? What we need is an end to the warmongering dynasties that McCain and Gingrich and the Clinton's think they have a divine right to.

--->Thus Sprake the New Zarathustra: Child of the Monkey Man, this one takes the banana... Think again, long and hard Hawkings! There is no algorithm which can lead to everything there is from nothing at all.

--->Mark Crutcher--Eugenics: The Real Reason for Legalized Abortion

--->Millions Die Due to Withheld Medical Treatment

--->Let's hope not... Let's, for the love of God and man, never turn political opposition into the hope for cataclysm rather than reform.

"I was 15 years old when I got pregnant. The boy that I was pregnant by said it was not his baby, but I know it was his baby... I was only two months pregnant, so I was sure it was his baby. My momma kind of started to notice my stomach was getting big and that I was throwing up a lot, and she then told me to get an abortion…no questions asked. It was like what I had to say did not matter because I had no say in the matter. I really regret having an abortion because I wanted my baby. It would have been hard because I am so young, but I would do anything I could to take care of my baby. It hurts me that I killed my first child. I love kids and it will never happen again. I hate to see baby things and pregnant people because it brings back memories of April 14, 2007; and I will never forget it."

--->Michael Hoffman disses Glenn Beck (Bipolar Beck and his Martin Luther King Rally -- Updated Aug. 28, 2010; On the Contrary blog) in part because of the latter's association with Martin Luther King at his [Beck's] recent Restore Honor rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Hoffman says of King that he was "the man who destroyed our freedoms of association (the right to serve and employ whomever we choose) and property (the right to house or decline to house anyone)".

I don't think so. King said we are to judge a man on the basis of the "content of his character" and not on the color of his skin or ethnicity. Blacks and Whites in this country know a hundred ways to get around silly legalisms. If a Black or White man whom we knew to be a Crack dealer comes to apply for an apartment that one of us is renting there are many ways to get around the Utopian legalism, as we judge (discriminate) precisely the content of the applicant's character. We say to the man of bad character, "So sorry, this apartment is already taken," whether it is or not. What's a little lie when we don't owe any Crack dealer the truth?

King only said, correctly because morally, that neither White nor Black has the right to discriminate solely on the basis of skin color. Michael Hoffman, however, appears ready to return to the days of Jim Crow. Not good or wise.

We can agree that some points of law (no fault of Dr. King) are ridiculous and Utopian. But people have been getting around that kind of exaggerated legalistic nonsense for a very long time, and always will. King was a good man who made an important clarification regarding moral judgment. Recall that the Irish too were terribly persecuted in the 19th century on the basis of their ethnicity and poverty. None should be discriminated against except on the basis of the content of character. As for Beck, I too am not amused by him, not on account of his association with King's moral discrimination, but on account of Beck's dangerous jingoism. [End]

--->We didn't go to Mass today because when we arrived we found the door closed and inside it was dark. That has never happened before. Some other people were surprised too. Perhaps it was because we missed an announcement last week. Or maybe the priest was sick or needed a Labor Day rest, at least from the 5 PM Mass. One little lady who looked about 50 years old, small and homely as a gnome, and whom we had often seen lovingly attentive to a grown son who appeared "slow," told us this was very hard for her even though she attended a 4 PM (Novus Ordo?) Mass yesterday. "I hate to miss the Mass," she said. "I try to go every day." And, God as my witness, she folded her hands, looked up to Heaven lovingly and said, "My stronghold, My Lord!". And in the twinkling of an eye this dwarf-like little creature seemed gloriously beautiful to us; and we were ashamed at how far behind her we were spiritually.

--->Opinion: James Delingpole: What the Chinese really think of 'Man Made Global Warming'. "The Chinese do not remotely believe in the myth of Man-Made Global Warming nor in the efficacy of “alternative energy”. Why should they? It’s not as if there is any evidence for it."

--->Alex Jones' friend and his regular guest, David Icke, whom Jones also considers an expert on world affairs, is interviewed here... at the Vatican no less. Judge for yourself.

--->Tony Blair cancels book signing amid protest fears. Note: is a great awakening about to happen? Holding the proponents of unjust war to account? I hope so, but I do not believe it is right to assault anyone with anything, even with "eggs and shoes". Only in strictest self defense may one strike back proportionately, if one thinks that is right.

You can't not choose: It is said that there are two kinds of people: those who, if they knew they had but days to live, would take to a church, and those who would dash to the brothel. [Post Last Updated 9/6/10 1 :30 PM]