Friday, September 24, 2010

The Secret Story of St. Padre Pio's Stigmata

Volume Reveals Report of Vatican Investigator

By Mirko Testa

ROME, SEPT. 22, 2008 ( A volume detailing the report of a Vatican investigator into Padre Pio gives new information on the wounds of the Passion that the friar suffered.

Padre Pio da Pietrelcina received the stigmata from the crucified Christ, who in an apparition invited the Capuchin friar to unite himself to his passion so as to participate in the salvation of others, particularly consecrated persons: This is what we can know with certainty thanks to the recent opening -- at the request of Benedict XVI -- of the archives of the former Holy Office up to 1939, which contain information on revelations to Padre Pio that were not previously published.

These revelations have been released in a book titled "Padre Pio Sotto Inchiesta: l''Autobiografia Segreta'" ("Padre Pio Under Investigation: The 'Secret Autobiography'"). The volume is prefaced by Vittorio Messori and edited by Father Franceso Castelli, historian for the beatification cause of Pope John Paul II and professor of modern and contemporary history of the Church at the Romano Guardini Institute for Religious Sciences in Taranto, Italy.

Until the publication of this book, many assumed that Padre Pio -- whether for reasons of modesty or because he thought himself unworthy of the charisms he had received -- had never disclosed to anyone what happened on the day he received the stigmata.

The only known reference to these events was in a letter Padre Pio sent to his spiritual director, Father Benedetto da San Marco in Lamis, in which he speaks of the appearance of a "mysterious person" but does not offer any details.

The new book, which contains the first complete version of the report penned by Bishop Raffaele Rossi of Volterra, (later cardinal), apostolic visitor sent by the Holy See to secretly investigate Padre Pio, clarifies that on the occasion of the reception of the stigmata the saint had a conversation with the crucified Christ...Read it all

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--->It's a mad, mad, almost funny world. I could almost see the reporter tongue-in-cheekin' this assignment. But if they come and Mrs. DoubtFire (or whoever she is there on the Welcome Wagon) greets them, I suspect they will be working for Blackwater, or some other contractor... yet another of a series, albeit grander Black-OP, ala Miles Copeland and the boys? Atheists and Freemasons and those with sympathy for the Devil / occult, are lost without the Word (Jn 1:1; Gen 1:), left with grand confusions, the will-to-power (and any old trickery) to allay their anxieties, and finally the antichristic for the Final Showdown, as it were. Is it possible the eschatological Antichrist will come like an ET mimicking the Parousia in "lying wonders" or, in the alternative translation, "counterfeit miracles"? Anything is possible; Christians will have to we wait and see. Meanwhile, Eucharist and Word...

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path"---Psalm 119:105