Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Revisited: Charlotte Iserbyt - The Deliberate Dumbing Down

"The purpose of education is to change the thoughts, actions and feeling of students, going up against the student's fixed beliefs"...Benjamin Bloom

Charlotte Iserbyt was the Senior Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Education during the 1980s & was trained as a Change Agent to help promote this change. "Iserbyt's exhaustive research regarding education and the economy has exposed the many myths and misinformation underlying the history of related reforms. Presented in chronological order, the author presents a stunning indictment of public and private partnerships designed to restructure education and the economy, and ultimately to redefine the very nature and purpose of not only education, but man himself. Teachers will find this book extremely useful and instructive in identifying and comprehending recent changes in education certification and training that are increasingly threatening to academic freedom, and driving many out of the teaching profession altogether.

"Parents of children in public, private, and home-schools alike will find Iserbyt's research equally applicable to all, as the new system is deliberately mandated for everyone. No student or adult is to be exempt from the new systemic education and labor reforms. Only by understanding the underlying agenda and strategies of the reformists can we hope to restore academic freedom and moral agency in society, and protect our children. A Must Read for every parent, educator, and legislator concerned about our children! reviewer. Get the book...

--->Gloria TV: Watch Viennese abortionist's continue to assault, steal from and sexually harass pro-lifers...

--->Critically Important: C-Fam Statement of Youth to the UN. 50,000 signatures needed. Students, teachers, anyone... Please sign...; if you are over 30 please sign Statement of Support. C-Fam is the most important UN watchdog in this country, and way beyond.

--->Irish DNA isolated for first time ever

--->The last time UN delegates met to wipe out poverty, they gorged on steak and lobster tails with African children trying to quench their thirst from a nearby spigot, during the 2002 Johannesburg Earth Summit. These were back in the days when Obama had not pledged his loyalty to the UN by turning in Arizona on human rights complaints. Note: But one must admit, the "wipe out poverty" theater, which has been going on ineffectually for many decades, is a marvelous diversionary propaganda for the Nightly News, turning attention away from the relentless eugenics assault against populations of so-called Third World nations, to say nothing of IMF and World Bank plundering.

--->PBS Propaganda engine. I go to bed with them talking about how we allegedly crawled out of the slime and morphed by sheer chance into apes (strange our species has no memory or long-told tradition of that) and I wake up to them reinterpreting Christianity ala neo-gnosticism. Ain't they something, those servants of the Monkey Man? PBS is the new catechism for the High School & college kids.

--->A Brand-New 'Medieval' Monastery…in Wyoming? Growing Order of Carmelite Monks to Build a Spiritual Oasis in Western Wilderness

--->Isn't it curious that Supreme Court justices (guardians of The Ideology) still wear long flowing Black Robes, yet the dissident "nuns" (as if!) have cast them off, preferring bizarre hair Perms and god-awful dresses which only evoke revulsion? We need to see more of Him and less of them, no?

--->'Assisted' Suicide Advocates Advance Exploitation of Elderly Murder/Suicides for Political Gain --Post Last Updated 9.9.10