Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Smile of death, masked as compassion. He likes animals, in fact considers us no more; would make all doctors lethal veterinarians
Peter Singer Eyes the Internet Alongside His Gospel of Snuffing the Disabled

But Trevor Butterworth Warns "Beware The Internet As Singer's Liberation Theology":

"...reading Singer anoint the Internet with magically transformative powers – “Everyone now has access to the resources of the world’s greatest libraries” – or – “The grip once held by a few media owners over what reaches the public has been irreversibly loosened by independent bloggers and reporters who are read by millions” – or – “The biggest unknown is how far and how fast access to the Internet will spread” – is embarrassing. These are cliches. They show a philosopher so unfamiliar with the state of the Internet and the kind of research into usage produced by analysts such as Gartner, Forrester Research, the Yankee Group, the Pew Research Center, Jakob Nielsen or Ethan Zuckerman, that he takes these claims as givens, not as claims requiring amplification, clarification, and examination...Read it all

--->Surely you know Singer's dirge?

Another Singer Who Believed Only in Himself.
His Dream "Over", His Nightmare Unrecognized.

--->More on Lennon here...

--->The dark side of John Lennon...

--->Plans for Swiss-like "suicide tourism" at death house in North Carolina? Note: Imagine the death-industrial complex salivating over this one; probably buying shares as I write. Catholicism works for Hope, these ghouls work for the Bottom Line.

--->Bill Clinton: New-look GOP makes Bush look liberal. Note: Yes, but K-Street lobby money soon enough turns them into the "controlled opposition" if they are not persons of steadfast principle. So what's the test? Let's see what these Conservatives do about abortion, embryonic stem-call research, "Gay marriage" (I almost choke everytime writing that oxymoron), etc., etc. As for planetary wars, I shudder to think.

--->Maybe It's Not the Book That Is Dying But the Internet? Take heart and hold on ye newspaper and book publishers: "An American Pew study showed that, in the last few years, blogging has declined by a factor of 50 per cent for 18-24 year olds. The Irish and US media concur. A 2009 Harvard study showed that 90 per cent of Tweets come from 10 per cent of users. Most Twitter accounts quickly fall inactive, with 70 per cent of accounts being left idle within one month according to Nielsen research. Wikipedia has stalled and the Wikimedia Foundation has turned to actively recruiting contributors. There is plenty of other evidence to counter the triumph of hype over reality.

--->G-Creep: Google Engineer
Stalked Teens, Spied on Chats

--->Who was Behind the Rwandan Genocide? The Rwandan Patriotic Front's Bloody Record and the History of UN Cover-Ups by Christopher Black "...the Kagame dictatorship is a client of the United States and "acts as a mercenary for U.S. interests in Africa," as Glen Ford observes; the current conflict between this dictatorship and the UN "threatens to reveal the United States' role as enabler in the deaths of as many as six million people while Washington's allies occupied and looted the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo." Note: I do not know what to make of this at present, but the right questions are being asked it appears. It doesn't take a genius to see that the "official" account to date stinks to high heaven.

--->Jewish Week: "A new study, the first of its kind, on whether and how Jewish day schools around the country address issues of physical, psychological and sexual abuse, concludes that the problem is widespread"

--->Where would Western civilization be without Vatican preserved art?

--->Who are the 'Plain Catholics'? I don't really know
. But here's what they say.

From the Near-Bottom of the Slippery Slopes. Let's get real, the illumined U.S. Founding Fathers with their naive (or malicious, mischievous, who knows?) and frighteningly ambiguous concepts like "liberty" and the "pursuit of happiness" are haaaardly the answer, but---it must be said---the very problem. The Courts, in case some haven't noticed, have filled in the blanks of those god-awful ill-defined notions---so what's all the complaining about, even if there is plenty to moan about. It's not quite, but it's almost amusing, watching carnival barker's on TV and radio say "we've GOT to get back to the Founders!". Heck, we are there! They left us a fill-in-the-blanks mess because they were naive at best, and Utopians to boot, an ominous combination for Power. Geniuses they were not (not even Jefferson who soooooo loved "liberty" as he subtly coerced his slaves into bed), because geniuses don't hint (that's for parlor games), they define! No, these were not geniuses, though they may have been idealist miscreants. Checks and balances? Checks for the politicians and gold-weighted scales for the bankers. And then mix in the guardians of the ideology, the Supreme Court, All Rise! Puhleeze! What to do now with the mess is the question... What we need, I guess, are Constitutional amendments finally doing away with all of that careless ambiguity and all the philosophically inebriated notions in favor of serious definitions which bind the courts! But don't hold your breath, amendments are hard up-hill work, and the Lobbies will be at the ready...

Sterilize the Unfit Redux. No comment

Robin Phillips writes, "Professor David Marsland (pictured right) made news last month when he suggested that the mentally and morally “unfit” should be sterilized. The sociologist and health expert made the remarks on the BBC radio program Iconoclasts and urged that “permanent sterilization" was the answer to many of society's problems.

Though Professor Marsland's remarks produced outrage, his basic ideas are nothing new. I have had occasion to mention before on this blog that during the 1920’s and 30’s, permanent sterilization and social engineering were commonly accepted practices among the liberal intelligentsia... [Thanks to Phillip and Paul Collins for this]

--->'Cannibal' star [not Bill Maher this time] that swallowed up nearby stars [not, alas, Hollywood] and planets [proof: no intelligent life] is spotted by NASA...

---> 'Mass rape by paedophile Catholic priests' is a myth, says secular humanist magazine Note: Could it be that many are backtracking into objectivity now because they know Catholic scholars are doing the real research and may have much to say about sexual abuse of children globally?...and More.

--->"The Church of
Spontaneous Creation..."

The persecutors of the Church write faster than the speed of thought, which certainly explains how they get so much wrong, when they are not just being nasty.