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The Moral Question of Virtual Suicide - Missions in Wartime

German grenade thrower, WWII; according to Catholic moral theology, as stated here, it would be a heroic good for a man to jump on this grenade to save one's fellow soldiers and to defeat the aims of the wartime enemyNote: This interesting question is being treated here solely as a theoretical moral question, since virtual suicide missions in wartime are hardly the province of Islamic or the WWII Japanese alone but are as old as warfare itself. Many a soldier on all sides in modern times has been decorated for falling on a loose grenade to save his fellow soldiers and to defeat the aims of an enemy. This should certainly not be viewed as any kind of advocacy, much less any kind of threat of planning for conflict or war, especially as this site is dedicated to non-violent resistance with a view to stopping and preventing wars. Nor, certainly, is it intended to justify Islamic aggression or even as an evaluation of blame for the U.S.S. Cole incident, whatever the author's opinion (I am aware of a number of opinions in the matter; none of which I have considered in any depth)---SH

By Christopher Check

“Terrorism” and “cowardice” are among the expressions opinion-makers used almost universally to describe the attack that left a 40-foot hole in the side of a destroyer and 17 of its sailors dead.

Cowardice is an odd charge from a nation that wages war by dropping bombs on bridges and power plants from an altitude well beyond the range of antiquated antiaircraft guns, firing missiles from over the horizon at television stations, and punishing civilians by means of naval embargoes — the last-mentioned being the mission of the U.S.S. Cole.

More baffling is the label “coward” when applied to this particular attack. Joe Leatherneck charges a machine-gun nest on a South Pacific island and earns himself a posthumous Medal of Honor for spectacular courage (and rightly so); Abdul Abulbul Amir boards a rubber raft and engages at point-blank range a modern warship, 505-feet long with a displacement of 8300 tons, and he’s called a coward ! Huh?

Christians might not be at ease with so-called suicide missions, but they are not necessarily immoral. Under the Principle of Double Effect, in wartime it is lawful for a soldier to blow up an enemy stronghold even when he knows the action will likely take his own life. He foresees but does not intend his own death for which the good effect of substantial harm to the enemy compensates.

Because we cannot be certain of the intention of the Cole’s bomber, perhaps more to the point is the Islamic promise of salvation to those who fall in a Holy War. Under this moral code, such an attack seems to be an act of hope or even martyrdom — not despair. In any case, it’s not so easy to impugn the intestinal fortitude of a man who sets aside his natural instinct for self-preservation for what he believes to be a higher purpose...Read it all

Christopher Check is Executive Vice President of the Rockford Institute. He served for six years as a field artillery officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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It is elementary. Everything and everyone is going somewhere; we are all building something. We all move in some direction, whether we think much of it or not. Everyone plays his or her part in where we arrive, by what one helps build...or refuses to build. We are either responsible moral agents or we are lemmings. In the final analysis we are all without excuse, because we all choose, every moment. If we seek only money and personal happiness in this world that will be our final reward. Wherever our treasure is, there will our heart be also, Jesus Christ said -- believe it or not ---Matt 6:21