Friday, September 10, 2010

Masonic-Inspired European Union and the Attempted End of the Nation-State

In a fascinating account I read from 1990(1), the Italian Roberto de Mattei, Professor of Modern History at the University of Cassino, quoted the post-modernist nihilist [Sephardic Jewish] Jacques Derrida as saying Europe should renounce its "centuries old ambition of being the center of history, whose symbol is [Christopher] Columbus," in order to "decivilize" herself and her founder. De Mattei went on to say,

"The foundation of Europe, in the historical vision of these 'chaos theorists' would be 'the loss of foundation' and its characteristic would be 'to have no proper identity'. No historical or cultural identity should (sic) survive since nothing in the world is permanent and stable and everything is devoid of order and meaning: Nothingingness is the only reality that should be affirmed in history and in society". De Mattei continues with Derrida who said, "Furthermore, we should recognize the historically positive role (sic) of Nothingness...We are prompted to take Nothingness as the basis of our European citizenship."

This shows again that a new and antichristic, anti-natural law philosophy has, since the time of the French Revolution (which was in turn inspired by the American Masonic revolution) been progressively taking over the whole of Europe(2). And this philosophy, or, rather, negation of philosophy, was out to destroy the nation-state which formed the "old" Europe. But nature, of course, abhorring a vaccum gives the lie to Derrida's "Nothingness" which is mere a nonsense, a trick-metaphor meaning a change in regimes and power all across Europe [and then all over the world], exacted at a terrible price over the heads of Europeans themselves. For it is the trick of modern secular democracy to represent the agenda of the elites, all the while pretending to represent "the people".

De Mattei goes on to recount, "...the Treaty of Maastricht, drawn up on 11 december 1991 in the Dutch town by the heads of State and of government of the twelve countries of the European Community [started] a new international organization called the European Union," so familiar to us today. He minces no words when he says this Union is certainly founded on "nihilist theses". But as I have stated nihilism has reference to religion, the natural and moral laws. It is by no means against capital "O" order once it has seduced--often through manufactured crises--the masses inside its triumphalist and eventually new-style totalitarian walls.

The Aim

According to De Mattei's account the aim of these unions is to abolish the nation- state in favor of multinational powers and forms of Order, destroy the distinctive trade barriers which protected and favored the customs and diversity of peoples, allow mega-corporations to swallow up small businesses everywhere through bribery and / or law, loosen up borders in order to facilitate promiscuous immigration, etc., etc, all of this the better to further erode national [Christian] distinctiveness of the "old".

Enough, then, for De Mattei's analysis, except to say that he believes, as many of us also have suggested, that Islam which is greeting the Welcome Wagon every day may have other plans; and he believes that short of a Catholic renaissance and the recapture of the nation-state there can only be the alternative of various kinds of spiritual and political suicide.

But even Totalitarian schemes must eventually fall of their own weight, as the Caesars of old learned to their dismay, albeit after centuries of great triumph for themselves and untold misery for millions in every age. Our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, then, may have much to suffer when they see the Lie their forebears swallowed.

History shows us that there is nothing more to the liking of totalitarian minds, after the lies and seductions of Utopian promises are no longer credible, than chaos. Chaos begs for totalitarian "Order". And the ruling elites are quite willing to provide it. What they don't want is endless global insurgencies, such as we witnessed for so lomg in Iraq and which has spoiled a lot of Mr. Bush's and Mr. Obama's geopolitical schemes. So they spend an awful lot of [borrowed] money on militarism, even militarizing the very heavens.

(1) My notes indicate 'Masstricht Is the Islamic Invasion' may have been the name of the piece. But I'm not certain.

(2) Remotely we may trace the phenomenon, the first major fissures, to Martin Luther and Henry VIII.

--->US President Barack Obama's visit to New Delhi in November may secure $5 billion worth of arms sales to India, Russia's Vzglyad newspaper reported Monday

--->The Catholic Encyclopedia on Secret Societies

"...the roots of modern apostasy lay in scientific atheism, dialectical materialism, rationalism, illuminism, laicism, and Freemasonry which is the mother of them all." ===Pope Pius XII, May 23, 1958 A.D

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