Thursday, September 9, 2010

Make a Baby. Save the World

Matt Archbold: Europe is in big trouble. The culture is becoming increasingly secularized, Christian traditions are ignored, refuted, and mocked. Christian Europeans aren’t reproducing at anywhere near the rate of Muslim immigrants.

The most alarming this about all this is how calmly everyone seems to be about these radical changes. That’s why I found it so refreshing to hear Father Piero Gheddo issue a warning to Europe that they’re on the brink of being Islamicized.

And what can stop it, according to Father Gheddo? War? Public demonstrations? Burning Korans? Nah. The solution is rather simple - Go to Church and have more babies.

Pretty simple, huh? ...Read it all

--->St. John Chrysostom: a Christian home is incomplete without a Christ Room

--->Can the novella save (SH: or whet the appetite for) literature? They're no less artful than full-length books, but they need less of your time. The perfect form for today's lifestyles. Speaking of which: (see right hand column), The Green Pail, and Gifts Unexpected. I priced them to be inexpensive, so I don't make a dime; People have embarrassingly told me these were more engrossing than some bestsellers they have read. They are certainly the most satisfying things I have written, in my opinion.
Dear Steve,

I finally got my hands on your two books Green Pail and Gifts Unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed them. I generally read the classics, but the inspired simplicity of your stories is beautiful in a much more personal way. You truly have a gift. Have you written other stories I might not be aware of?

John Goes (2009)

These books are unmistakably but indirectly Catholic. Ok, enough with the shamelessness. But I hope you will consider getting them. And I hope a blessing awaits through drama. We need both nasty realism and hope today, which is what I tried to accomplish in these.


Dear Stephen,

I finished reading "Gifts Unexpected" and "The Green Pail" a couple of weeks and wanted to
let you know how much I enjoyed them. You truly have a gift for story-telling. My reading diet is mostly composed of Church Doctrine and History, Spirituality, etc. but I find it relieving to have some consoling literature from time to time, yours having the added benefit of being Catholic. They are a measured blend of Christian hope and suffering, without being saccharine or pollyannish.

In the Sacred Heart of Our Lord,
Brad Carson, Nov.18, 2010

--->Slow Learner: Report: Castro says Cuban model doesn't work

--->Please? Anybody? Tri-C students recruited to fill the seats for Obama's appearance

--->No thanks. Sergey Brin: "We Want Google To Be The Third Half Of Your Brain." Third half, eh? Now will somebody show this Wild Man the door?

--->Audacious LA Cathedral: "A rogues gallery of some of California’s most pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem-cell research and pro-same-sex marriage politicians gathered to kick off their fall campaigns on Labor Day at, of all places, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angeles in Los Angeles...

I have written to the Vatican. Perhaps you will too. Hell appears to have erupted against the whole world. Every nation on earth senses infiltrations. It cannot be technology per se, for it can be used for good or ill. We are being farmed by the Powers for immorality and wickedness; not merely in terms of behavior but in positive ideology, teaching evil as a positive good. Every nation that allows it and profits from it through taxes, protects and promotes it.

--->“Immoral Conduct” alleged against Religious Sister at Ave Maria University

--->The Prodigal Son and the Golden Calf. What do the two stories have in common? By Dr. Marcellino D'Ambrosio