Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Joy of a Pilgrim People

Amidst all the turmoil, controversy and storm clouds which seem to beset us these days, I am reminded that there is still so much to be grateful and to give thanks for.

First, there is the fact of our own astonishing existence. We are. There is a world which shines in upon us daily as soon as we wipe the sleep from our eyes. We are the children of God, the Creator, who is Love, and Love, by its very nature, gives. So we are. We are what is given, called into being. On our worst days we know that before the foundation of the world we were known, loved, prepared in advance in love to live in precisely this time; our time, with all its joys, redemptive sorrows, and challenges. Whether we came from wealth or poverty, health or sickness, from wonderful or badly flawed parents or role models, God saw fit to call us by name, and fashion for us our very being--- because He loved us. We were loved before we born. "For God so loved the world..." (Jn 3:16) Say it until you know it.

We were born into the holy Family, the family of Jesus...Continue

--->The Awesome Self-Giving of Mothers: Rwandan Genocide Rape Victims Grateful for Children Conceived in Rape! Astonishing self-giving of Love...

--->Film excerpts: St. Giuseppe Moscati, layman, doctor, saint, 'the healing love' - part 1 (Subsequent parts 2 & 3 at YouTube. The entire movie is available via Netflix or direct purchase elsewhere)

--->Study: Abortion more than triples breast cancer risk among Sri Lankans

--->My longtime friend, Joshua Snyder in South Korea, who with charity has long put up with my comings and goings on the Internet (download!), has a feast of music at his site almost every week, as well as jam-packed useful information.

--->Matt Abbott: Supporting those 'in the trenches'

--->When is an agenda really a syndrome? It's one of the most fascinating lingering questions for me. I hear radio personalities shout "Scum!" at those who would lead us where we would not go. Sometimes I see it rather as one must see a man who appears to be walking and leading others blindly over a great precipice. "A little error in the beginning becomes a great error in the end," St. Thomas said. Whether it is an evil plan or 'simply' a syndrome, a fever causing fearful delusions and hallucinations, hardly seems to matter; the knowledge of it may be inaccessible to us; it seems our role is to shout "go not that way! Danger!" --- because even good intentions cannot save once the foot steps over the edge and the tipping point then becomes the last and final law. Hyper-reality is no Reality at all.

--->Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: With the US trapped in depression, this really is starting to feel like 1932

Note: Many are suggesting pay off your home, protect all assets, trust not in IRA's, FDIC promises and derivatives. Most did not see it coming in the Wiemar or here in 1932. At the very least caution is advisable?

--->All Politics is Local: Glitzy Tuscan retreat is trying to stop locals being forced out by wealthy Russian visitors

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