Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joseph Seifert on The Interpretive Model / Theory
Called 'Evolution'

What are the philosophical implications of the theory of Evolution? Joseph Seifert, founder and rector of the International Academy of Philosophy in Liechtenstein, explains why the theory of Evolution is a poor explanation of the origin of man and of all living creatures. The video pauses intermittently (only) in the Intro displaying Dr. Seifert's curriculum vitae.

--->See also Joseph Seifert on Philosophy and Science in the Context of Contemporary Culture

--->Darwin in Asia: This "global survey of the scientifically literate public" finds that "a startling 35% of the Japanese and 49% of the Chinese respondents agreed that there is 'reason for doubt' about evolutionary theory's ability to explain the variety of species on Earth" . "Japanese and Chinese respondents were also less likely than others to say that they trust scientific explanations of the origins of the Universe..."

---> The Usefulness of Metaphysics: "It is frightening to think of the extent to which people are now being encouraged to banish from the minds of their children great questions as devoid of all meaning; to dispel the wonder which is a young mind’s birthright; to confine their spirit to petty problems that can be answered once and for all to the satisfaction of reasoners incapable of raising a question to begin with. We now have a philosophy to show that there are no problems but those which it has shown to be no problem; and to decree that there is no philosophy other than one that is a denial of philosophy. Under the twinkle of a fading star, Hollow Men rejoice at a hollow world of their own making.---Charles de Koninck, The Hollow Universe.

"We are the hollow men / We are the stuffed men / Leaning together/ Headpiece filled with straw. Alas! / Our dried voices, when /We whisper together / Are quiet and meaningless / As wind in dry grass / Or rats' feet over broken glass / In our dry cellar---T.S. Elliot, The Hollow Men

School Days. Almost everyone I knew and loved in my old, small High School clique were taught to play by the rules, which, needless to say, were already beginning to change, and radically; some of course threw practically all the rules out entirely, and, rather than engage these critically as we all got more mature they collapsed altogether, often into drugs and alcohol. Today most of my old friends at least appear to have followed the zeitgeist and become materialist conformists. If Fox News, CNN, MSNBC says it's right, then it's right---all the way to the Nihil maybe.

I don't blame my old friends so much as a completely uncritical approach to television and the media in general which we were taught was 'normal'; and then, of course, "education" in general was also radically changing---and if one wanted to 'succeed' one dare not challenge it too much; if the media and especially our textbooks and teachers said something was so, it only followed that it must be true, all that political correctness and materialism and rejection of the 'old' morals and traditional family and the like; and so we were led onto the new amazon Feminist reality and all the postmodern corollary 'disciplines'.

I can think of only one old friend (who I keep searching for and fear might be dead) who actually thought. I mean really thought, about pretty much everything. He was a close friend who was often mocked as bookish, even as the mockers carried their own books to class (aye, there's a difference between barely reading and really reading).

My generation was a generation of casualties in many ways; we hardly put up any resistance at all, except, for a brief time, against the planetary wars, specifically Vietnam. Then we became Stockbrokers and Real Estate agents; our latest accomplishment, born of the greed we once said we rejected, is a near economic apocalypse. So many of us fell for the enticements, and here we are. It's sad because it was not for lack of brains...

And so we must have the greatest sympathy for young people today who are up against a virtual monolith of decadence, both academic and practical. They fed on this stuff with their mother's milk. The question is, Will they think their way back to thought?

--->That eloquent decadent crone, Camille Paglia, deplores the end of the sexual revolution, the aesthetic eroticism of the good old days of 'Madonna' ('valiant life force'!) now completely submerged in a sea of Gaga. Paglia, the old pagan, apparently doesn't see that she is suffering from the same disease as the both of them.

--->Janet Napolitano warns of domestic terrorism likely to come. Note: Well, it's not like we haven't done our best to make it happen. And Al Qaeda today is some 200 (two hundred) strong, give or take a hundred---enough to make a Superpower quake in its Little Boots?

--->Orwell in charge? Kucinich compares Iraq ‘exit’ to Bush’s ‘Mission Accomplished’

--->Vatican: Pope requests prayers for apostolic visit to the UK -- [This Post Last Updated 9.12.10]