Friday, September 3, 2010

An "Invisible Hand": Benedict's Assessment on Assaults Against His Pontificate

by Sandro Magister in Rome: "...this is what the pope said at the beginning of his trip to Fatima, last April 11:

"The attacks on the Pope and the Church come not only from without. [...] The greatest persecution of the Church comes not from her enemies without, but arises from sin within the Church, and the Church thus has a deep need to relearn penance, to accept purification..."

"Our world, which has become totally positivistic, in which God appears at best as a hypothesis but not as a concrete reality, needs to rest on God in the most concrete and radical way possible. It needs a witness to God that lies in the decision to welcome God as a land where one finds one's own existence."

It is therefore no surprise that, just before his election as pope, Ratzinger called for a reform of the Church that would begin with purifying God's ministers from "filth."

It is no surprise that he conceived and proclaimed a Year for Priests intended to lead the clergy to a holy life.

It is no surprise that the liturgy is so central to this pontificate. The priest lives for the liturgy. It is the priest that God "has enabled to set God’s table for men, to give them his body and his blood, to offer them the precious gift of his very presence."

The liberalization of the ancient rite of the Mass, the lifting of the excommunication for the Lefebvrist bishops, the welcome extended to the Anglican communities most attached to tradition are parts of this same plan. And they are all promptly the object of attack.

There is a mysterious lucidity of vision that unifies the attacks on the current pontificate. As if an "invisible hand" were at work in them, hidden from their own authors. A hand, a mind that glimpses Benedict XVI's basic plan, and therefore does all it can to oppose it...Read it all

--->Pornography, Sex Toys on Display at the UN World Youth Conference. "Because the venue for the World Youth Conference had considerably more exhibit space than most UN conferences, it was a unique opportunity for organizations focusing on youth to put their best face forward. In the expo hall, there were dozens of booths with pornographic or sexually explicit materials or presentations." Note: Please note the irony of their agenda to transform-deform our children while they simultaneously persecute the Church and families. These are the powers which have hyper-sexualized our world as a potent means to distract from "the one needful thing".

---> The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil...The pornography of Power. It is not the crude jurisprudence of ancient times or the Middle Ages or the French Revolution, but as timely as today, concentration camps, US forces and Abu Graib, Islamic honor killings, Gaza fire from the sky, US police Tasers...Read-see it all .

--->I hope not. Report: Rwanda Crisis Could Expose U.S. Role in Congo Genocide "Some estimate Congolese 'excess deaths' in areas controlled by Rwanda, alone, at three and a half million". “Millions died while Washington’s allies occupied and looted the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of Congo.” Too, the question raised by Noam Chomsky begs to be asked and answered, why does the US exclude itself from Genocide Convention as "inapplicable to the United States"

--->Matt Abbott: Miley Cyrus and the Planned Parenthood culture

Hipster Faith by Brett McCracken

Here's a riddle: A young man walks into a building. From the outside, it looks like a nondescript, run-down, abandoned warehouse. Inside he finds mood lighting, music with throbbing bass, and young people wearing skinny jeans and superfluous scarves. A bar off to the side offers drinks of some sort, and a frenetically lit stage is shrouded in fog. Jumbo screens display what appear to be music videos. Everywhere people text on their iPhones.

A young woman with a nose ring and a vaguely Middle Eastern tattoo comes up and introduces herself. She makes awkward (but refreshingly earnest) small talk about her passion for community gardens and food co-ops. She asks him if he has heard Arcade Fire's new album, and compliments him on his bushy beard and lumberjack look. Beards like that are cool, she says. Eventually she asks him for his contact information.

Question: Is the man in a bar? Or is he in a church? [SH: Surprise hint. It's not a National Catholic Reporter Modernist 'Catholic' church this time! Hard to believe?] ...Well, read it all

Hipster Gospel: All who live godly shall suffer strobe-light failure at times.

--->Natural disasters and God....