Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Grinning Nihilist of Italy

Caligula never had it so "good"...Berlusconi knows how to apply "pressure" on the Church. He smiles as he kills souls...Consider the power, monopoly over both government and media.

In a late evening of 1976, a local Italian television broadcasts a quiz where viewers at home have to answer questions. For each correct answer, a housewife takes off a garment and does a brief dance. The format is simple and very successful.

Unaware viewers did not know that the show was the beginning of a complete change on the way of doing television. A revolution that would forever change the entire Italian political system, changing the values and becoming a powerful instrument of government for the nation.

The movements of the housewives strips are the first images of Videocracy, a documentary film by Erik Gandini, which will be presented September 3 in the Venice international film festival, in the independent section of the 24th International Critics' Week (SIC). So the public will enjoy eighty minutes of reportage on Berlusconi's Italy and especially on anthropological and cultural changes described by this forty-year-old director who has lived in Bergamo up to 18 years and then moved to Sweden. The one who is speaking, then, is even more ruthless because he is an Italian who looks puzzled at what has become today his country.

After thirty years of (primetime main channels, tiny stars on breasts, G-string bare buttocks, etc) seminude girls, shaved guys, millionaires quizzes, gossip of any kind, ever more irreverent jokes and 'reality' shows that have the only purpose of throwing new "human material" in the cauldron of television; everything has reached his goal: give to television the power of democracy (or vice versa? sh). This is the key of the movie.

"In a videocracy the key of power is the image - said the filmmaker. In Italy only one man has dominated the images for three decades. He was a TV magnate, then President: Silvio Berlusconi has created a perfect combination, characterized by political and entertainment television, as anyone else influencing the content of commercial television in the country. His TV channels, known for the excessive display of girls, are considered by many a mirror of his tastes and his personality"...Read it all (Warning. Beware the accompanying video: nudity content)

--->Feb. 2010: Berlusconi: a law unto himself. "What is happening in Italy? In short, the executive power is using its legislative power to obstruct the power of the judiciary. Judges have been abused and threatened by the Italian premier for years..."

--->June 2010: "Clearly feeling his masculinity threatened, Silvio Berlusconi circulated a photo of himself posing in trunks - taken, it should be said, a few decades ago.

---At Et tu, Brutus? 33 MPs desert him over scandals

--->Dec. 2009: Italy's PM Silvio Berlusconi is bloodied by attack

--->June 2009: Silvio Berlusconi keeps smiling as sex scandal gets deeper by the day "Berlusconi's troubles with the opposite sex have advanced since May, when he fought against accusations of consorting with minors.." and last month (2010)

--->2009 - Silvio Berlusconi had links with a Mafia bombing campaign and promised favours to the mob just before he entered politics, a convicted killer testified... Spatuzza also alleged that Mr Berlusconi had provided support for a spate of bombings by the mafia in 1993, part of a failed campaign to force the state into relaxing the harsh prison regimes for convicted mobsters. This summer (2010) an Italian appellate court in Sicily Cleared Silvio Berlusconi Of the Mafia Ties...

Natural Death comes for us all---Heb 9:27 and after this the judgment
Note: But Silvio Berlusconi has been a survivor with a little help from his 'friends' and sycophants, even as he transvalues the morals of the Italian people, day and night, like he could go on living forever...and never face his Creator. Meanwhile Berlusconi's television is pimping their daughters and sons, a vicious trap for the good Italian people---and hardly for them alone. (And the Internet? At least it is interactive and not passive). But “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit”, says the Lord (Zech. 4:6)... man or woman fasting and praying for the Italian people has more awesome power (the real kind, grounded in eternal justice) than a thousand Berlusconi's who already see the Undertaker approaching...the last call.

--->It's the TV, Joe. Teletubbies is as bad for your child as a violent video game, says leading psychologist. "We must prevent children under three from watching television or risk irreversibly damaging their health. It may sound shocking but, rest assured, far from being a Luddite, I am enjoying my brand-new iMac and we own a television set. However, I stopped my three youngest children watching TV before the age of three. Let me explain why...

--->Reward Increased To $25,000 For Abortion Crime Information

--->AP Begins Crediting Bloggers as News Sources; but is it (primarily) a mechanism for inclusion or for exclusion?

--->China's UN diplomat in drunken rant against Americans

--->Concerns Raised over Use of Computer RFID Chips to Track Preschool Children

Ensler--->Eve Ensler (see bio), Vagina Monologues author, battling Uterine Cancer

--->No Charges Brought Against Pennsylvania School that Monitored Students by Remotely Activating Webcams

--->Police can use a GPS device to track the movements of a suspect’s vehicle without first obtaining a warrant, the Virginia Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday

--->Opinion - David Quinn: It's 'reasonable' to attack Christianity but not Islam. "Notice the difference here. Criticisms of Catholicism, no matter how extreme, are now treated as mainstream and acceptable, but criticisms of Islam are seen as indications of bigotry (click)."

Note: Responsible criticism is one thing. Systematic attack is another---for either. Why do the Powers encourage systematic attack of Christianity? Because they know know much it is loved by the people the world over. The powers brook no rival loves and must seek to make people hate what they love. People like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens have little idea how Pavlovian conditioning techniques made them what they 'evolved' to be. They salivate on cue for media attention and applause...and then push the lever again for more.

--->Critically Important: Young People Launch Pro-Life/Pro-Family “Statement to the UN and the World” Read it all and why...

"Political success on television is not, unfortunately, limited only to those who deserve it. It is a medium which lends itself to manipulation, exploitation and gimmicks. It can be abused by demagogues, by appeals to emotion and prejudice and ignorance. Political campaigns can be actually taken over by the "public relations" experts, who tell the candidate not only how to use TV but what to say, what to stand for and what 'kind of person' to be"---John F. Kennedy, TV Guide 1959

Once upon a time, not very long ago, the word was supreme. Today, however, the image, and particularly streaming images, has all but eclipsed the word. Who needs books anymore, many ask. Do 'you' love your servitude yet? Even recognize it? [This Post Last Updated 9.10.10]