Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fascinating Troubles!

After 36 (or is it 37?) years of marriage, my wife, a while ago, suddenly got a desire to read the entire Bible, start to finish, with the exceptions of Leviticus and Numbers. I was half listening at the time and told her not to worry, that even the Inquisitors would pardon her skipping those two books (but for a few lashes maybe) since they deal largely with rituals, wanderings, the tribes of Israel and the rest---not that they are not instructive, I know! She, of course, has read the New Testament many times in many years, but practically the whole Bible, start to finish, a few chapters each night? I've heard many people propose doing it but of few who accomplish it, unless it's in a systematic course of some sort. I've never done it myself in that chronological order. Not even close.

Anyway, tonight she comes running out and says, "I never knew Job was so fascinating!" After being a tad surprised that, despite my seeing her reading each night, she is actually doing it, and is all the way into Job, I reply, "It's almost my life story, eh?" We laugh, but man, she's going on and on about Job, his friends, his grievous losses, telling me her favorite parts. I tell her to pay close attention to Job's wife to see what men have to put up with (dagger eyes lock onto me at that one!)

Wives are something. Just when you think you've seen every blessed thing, they come running out (well, maybe not running) reminding their husband's to Hope, not to get too angry, and above all just don't curse God. I promise her I'll try (but then again she's never been to a Catholic chat room) and she's back to flipping pages on the way to resuming Job's whirlwind.

It made me think that if I ever go blind she can preach and read to me. Always thinking of myself! But her sermon tonight was better than many I've heard at Mass. And then look up there at the dolls she's making for an annual craft fair when she's not reflecting on Job's boils! She's got about 30 of them done, whips them up like it was nothing. I tell her that if I was told I had to make just one in 48 hours (!) or else be shot, I'd be a dead man for sure. She can make several in that time. Ain't she something? And all that with Multiple Sclerosis.

"The Poor have Hope but the fangs of the wicked are broken"---(Job 5:16, thanks for this verse too, Dee)

---> They cannot shock anymore. Antonio Federici Ice Cream Ad Featuring Pregnant 'Nun' Banned. What a bunch of sad uncivil freaks. There certainty are moral mutants in the Advert "art" world. Art! How they wish. "The company said the idea of 'conception' represented the development of their ice-cream." Imagine that. What genius and courage! Imagine the mentality. We can just boycott them. We can buy ice cream sold by nice, civil people. Tell the provocateurs they cannot shock anyone anymore; nothing after that Professor here desecrated the Eucharist. Why should hate shock us? It crucified the Master---and He told us it would happen. People who do this kind of thing ought simply to be ignored; if they are in business, we can stay away. Catholics in many places still have pocketbook clout. Thanks to that advertising watchdog, but the once glorious West is becoming a pile of shit (Sorry, Dee), barbarous, thanks to the level of "education" we've sunk to. But we're quite numb to it all.

--->Normally, a visit from the Pope is an occasion of celebration and notoriety for nations having the privilege of hosting a visit. However, liberal Britons are speaking out aggressively and saying they're not happy he is coming to England because the Catholic Church is pro-life on abortion.

--->End of combat mission? U.S.-Iraqi raid in Fallujah kills 6

--->Arrest them all! Taser them if they resist!

--->Church heads not vigilant over sex abuse: says Pope in UK. In some of his clearest remarks on the scandal, he told reporters aboard the plane taking him to Scotland that he was shocked by the revelations. "It is difficult to understand how this perversion of the priestly ministry was possible," he said. The Queen, after holding talks with the pope at her official residence in Scotland, spoke of the common Christian heritage that Anglicans and Catholics shared, and of their common belief that religion should never be allowed to justify violence.

--->Matt Abbott: As Pope Benedict XVI travels to hostile territory for the next few days, I recall an allocution by Pope St. Pius X (delivered in 1912) on love for the pope — something all Catholics should heed in these tumultuous times.

--->Damian Thmpson: Did Alex Salmond just say, 'There wouldn't be a Scotland if it had not been for the Roman Catholic Church'?...See More ongoing coverage of Benedict's UK visit by Damian Thompson

--->Justice Breyer Suggests That Burning a Quran Could be Like Shouting 'Fire' in a Crowded Theatre--Thus Not Protected by 1st Amendment. Note: I agree with Breyer.

--->Census: 1 in 7 Americans live in poverty. "Among the working-age population, ages 18 to 65, poverty rose from 11.7 percent to 12.9 percent. That puts it at the highest since the 1960s, when the government launched a war on poverty that expanded the federal role in social welfare programs from education to health care...Poverty rose among all races and ethnic groups, but stood at higher levels for blacks and Hispanics. The number of Hispanics in poverty increased from 23.2 percent to 25.3 percent; for blacks it increased from 24.7 percent to 25.8 percent. The number of whites in poverty rose from 8.6 percent to 9.4 percent

--->Foreclosures Rise; Repossessions Set Record. US foreclosure activity rose in August from the previous month, and banks and lenders took ownership from homeowners at a record pace, according to a new report released Thursday. Human beings. There are few anxieties like the anxiety of homelessness.

--->Health Insurers Seeking Rate Hikes Of More Than 20 Percent In Connecticut

--->George Soros, the international investor and one of the world’s richest men, is to have his 2002 criminal conviction for insider trading reviewed by the European Court of Human Rights. Mr Soros was found guilty of insider trading in 2002. He lodged a complaint against his conviction with the European Court of Human Rights in December 2006 and on Wednesday a chamber of seven judges decided that his application to have the case reviewed was at least partly admissible.

--->Scientists reported new evidence on the effectiveness of that old folk remedy &' cranberry juice &' for urinary tract infections at the ACS' 240th National Meeting.