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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on the Twilight of Marxism's Gods and Likely Resurgence in "New Forms" of 'Pluralist' Religion

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Excerpts from his 1996 lecture, Relativism: The Central Problem for Faith Today, including reflections on Christology, philosophically loaded biblical criticism ("It is not the exegesis that proves the philosophy, but the philosophy that generates the exegesis"), as well as the dangers of the so-called 'New Age' wherein the "absolute cannot be known" and which selectively relies on contradictory Asian religious orientations.

This is a document which I found needs to be (printed out &) reread slowly and carefully. It, like so many others I am finding, is like a timed explosive, more suited to our moment in time and the future than even when it was written.

"...The fall of the European governmental systems based on Marxism turned out to be a kind of twilight of the gods for that theology of redeeming political praxis. Precisely in those places where the Marxist liberating ideology had been applied consistently, a radical lack of freedom had been produced, the horror of which now appeared out in the open before the eyes of world public opinion. The fact is that when politics want to bring redemption, they promise too much. When they presume to do God's work, they do not become divine but diabolical.

For this reason, the political events of 1989 have also changed the theological scenario. Until then, Marxism had been the last attempt to provide a universally valid formula for the right configuration of historical action. Marxism believed it knew the structure of world history, and from there it tried to show how history could be led definitively along the right path. The fact that the presumption was based on what was apparently a strictly scientific method that totally substituted faith with science and made science the praxis gave it a strong appeal. All the unfulfilled promises of religions seemed attainable through a scientifically based political praxis.

The non-fulfillment of this hope brought a great disillusionment with it which is still far from being assimilated. Therefore, it seems probable to me that new forms of the Marxist conception of the world will appear in the future. For the moment, we cannot be but perplexed: The failure of the only scientifically based system for solving human problems could only justify nihilism or, in any case, total relativism...

[In the so-called New Age] "...Ecstasy is sought, the inebriety of the infinite which can be experienced in inebriating music, rhythm, dance, frenetic lights and dark shadows, and in the human mass. This is not only renouncing modernity but man himself. The gods return. They have become more believable than God. The primitive rites must be renewed in which the self is initiated into the mystery of the Whole and is liberated from itself. ...Read it all

It was the curious unrelenting attacks against Benedict XVI which prompted me to reexamine his teachings. Now it seems very clear to me why those attacks were launched, especially from the time immediately after he became Pope. It appears the Powers and neo-modernist's within knew him better than some of us did.

--->Having just about finished Nicholas Murray's biography of one of the most fascinating men of our time, writer and futurist Aldous Huxley, I was almost amused to see how Huxley, while rejecting the miracles of Jesus Christ on allegedly empirical grounds, was nevertheless not only an connoisseur of psychadelic drugs, but also a frequenter of seances, Fourth Dimensions, and all sorts of other occult phenomena right up until his LSD-tripped-out death in 1963. Huxley was also a eugenicist, a friend and admirer of the devil worshiper Alister Crowley (also known as both Frater Perdurabo and The Great Beast, who called his 'Black Mysticism' Diabolatry and Diabolism in his book Magic in Theory in Practice). Huxley also took to 'Dianetics' founder L. Ron Hubbard of "Church of Scientology" fame and many (and I mean many!) other sordid or faddish types.

All of this seemed in stark contrast not only to reason (ghosts, yes! Resurrection, no!) but (by all accounts) this shy and certainly cerebral and very genteel man of letters (some very brilliant novels and essays; the author Thomas Mann, however, did once observe that the more eclectically "religious" Huxley became, the more Sado-Masochistic sex and gore of various kinds appeared in some of his books!). Intrigued by all of this, I asked authors Phillip and Paul Collins how one might reconcile these contradictions in such a man, and they suggested, I think rightly, that many Utopians, idealists or misanthropes who reject Christianity exhibit sociopathic qualities on closer examination, full of inner tensions. It would appear so...

--->Vehement protestors rally ahead of UK papal visit. Call Benedict a "criminal," purveyor of "perverse dogmas," "hatred," "evil," "anti-homosexual and female bigot," saying it is time to "flush him out". What rhetoric! One might be forgiven for thinking these people consider themselves immaculate in, er, body and soul? I looked and found little civility. Would they even be willing to read a few facts on the matter, or must the herd, propelled by some strange Force, rush over the cliffs into irrationality and hatred altogether?

But let's admit that the infiltrating bad priests and others who imbibed the perverse cultural miasma and hid their dark homosexual deeds against teen boys from the Catholic people have helped steady the guns on us all in the person of the Pope, who suffers for us all.

--->Soldier's father: Army was warned of murder plot

--->Forbes, Dinesh D'Souza: "The President isn't exactly a socialist...[But] Barack Obama is the most antibusiness president in a generation, perhaps in American history. Thanks to him the era of big government is back. Obama runs up taxpayer debt not in the billions but in the trillions. He has expanded the federal government's control over home mortgages, investment banking, health care, autos and energy. The President's actions are so bizarre that they mystify his critics and supporters alike. The Weekly Standard summarizes Obama's approach as omnipotence at home, impotence abroad. Note: If he's for some "new form" socialism, even if not "exactly" in the orthodox sense, then I'm agin' 'im. If he's only for regulating big business, how could any reasonable person be against that after all the Casino economics of the President's men?

--->Anne Rampa: Going to Jail for Life: On the Blockade of the Planned Parenthood Abortion Facility

--->Pope's Address to German Envoy: "Marriage Is ... Between a Man and a Woman..."Religion is losing favor in society, which is a threat to the basic foundations of marriage and respect for the person from conception to natural death, says Benedict XVI." Read it all

---> 'Mass rape by paedophile Catholic priests' is a myth, says secular humanist magazine Note: Could it be that many are backtracking into objectivity now because they know Catholic scholars are doing the real research and may have much to say about sexual abuse of children globally?...and More

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