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Cardinal Biffi: Curb Muslim Immigration Give preference to Christian immigrants

Catholic World News
September 14, 2000

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi of Bologna has issued a public statement recommending that Italy give preference to Christian pilgrims over Muslims, in order to avoid a profound change in European culture.

At a September 14 press conference, Cardinal Biffi-- who has developed a reputation for blunt speech-- told reporters that he had recently made his recommendations to the Italian government minister charged with immigration policy.

"There is no such thing as a right to invasion," the controversial prelate stated. "There is nothing to stop the Italian government from controlling immigration in a manner that would safeguard our national identity."

Toward that end, the cardinal said, he had told the government minister that "a truly lay government, in order to spare the Italian people a lot of suffering, would take the opportunity to regulate immigration in a way that would give preference to Catholics, to Latin Americans, Filipinos, and Eritreans."

Cardinal Biffi explained that the threat to Italian culture would extend beyond strictly religious affairs, insofar as Muslims have "a different diet, different holy days, an approach to family rights that is incompatible with our own, and an attitude toward women much more restrictive than ours, to the point of allowing and practicing polygamy."

"They also have a rigorous plan for uniting public and religious life, so much so that the complete identification of church and state is a part of their faith, which they do not allow to be questioned," the cardinal continued. He conceded that Muslims in Europe have not attempted to impose Islamic law, but observed "there are usually prudent enough to wait until they are in a position of power" before making such an effort.

A Culture of Nothing

Cardinal Biffi said that Europe today is becoming a "culture of nothing," which takes pride in skepticism and sees the destruction of noble ideas as "a sort of intellectual conquest." Such a culture has no future, he warned. "The 'culture of nothing' will not be able to resist the ideological assault of Islam."

--->"...Europe must return to Christianity or Islam will win..."---(Catholic Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, The Courier-Mail, Qld., 16/9/2000).

Note: Israel and Islamic nations have not abandoned reason in this matter of immigration; neither should traditional Christian nations, lest our children pay the bill for our neglects. Surely to give refuge to the verifiably persecuted and to allow temporary labor for those in need is to be encouraged. Recently the Pope, while encouraging great compassion and help for the migrant poor, also said "States have the right to regulate migration flows and to defend their own frontiers, always guaranteeing the respect due to the dignity of each and every human person. Immigrants, moreover, have the duty to integrate into the host country, respecting its laws and its national identity...(click)"

Love is, politically, a non-aggression pact, and an ever-willingness to help, especially the persecuted, the weak and the poor. It is not the disassembling of tribes and peoples, much less the promiscuous mixing of irreconcilable principles. Love believes in good fences as well as shared pastures.---SH

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