Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Benedict XVI Against All Syncretism

The Transfiguration. Jesus became radiant, spoke with Moses and ElijahSandro Magister writes, "[On] September 13, in receiving the new German ambassador to the Holy See, Walter Jürgen Schmid, Benedict XVI raised his eyes from the written text and continued: "Generally many people show an inclination for more permissive religious concepts, also for themselves. A supreme, mysterious and indeterminate being who only has a hazy relationship with the personal life of the human person is succeeding the personal God of Christianity who reveals himself in the Bible. These conceptions are increasingly stimulating discussion in society, especially in the area of justice and legislation. Yet, if someone abandons the faith in a personal God, the alternative arises of a "god" that does not know, does not hear and does not speak; and, especially, of one that has no will. If God has no will of his own, in the end good and evil are no longer distinguishable; good and evil are no longer in contradiction but in an opposition in which the one would be a complement to the other. In this way human beings lose their moral and spiritual strength which is essential for the person's overall development. Social action is increasingly dominated by private interests or the calculations of power, to the detriment of society."

From these words it is even more clear why today, for Pope Benedict, "the supreme and fundamental priority" is that of reopening access to God for a disoriented humanity.

And "not just to any god, but the God who spoke on Sinai; to that God whose face we recognize in a love driven to the very end, in Jesus Christ, crucified and risen."---Sandro Magister, Chiesa news

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