Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well, Is Elena Kagan Really 'Gay'?

Some say the jury is still out on that; but that she is so, is the odds-on favorite among those supposedly in the know. I do hope she is not, not only on account of my religious and political convictions, or because her "preference" will affect her judgment according to a political agenda, but because the 'lesbians' I have known in my life had brains and imaginations no larger than hens.

It's not that they could not reason astutely on complex subjects, even sometimes moving along the heights of complex abstract thought. Certainly one of them showed promise of being a brilliant mathematician one day (I wonder what ever became of her). No, it's just that despite their being as smart, or as dumb, as anyone else, the ones I knew could not find their way home---to common sense, to the nature of things; or, often enough, even to honesty. What I mean is...

They seemed like the inverse of the Stepford Wives; they ran in packs (the 'herd of independent minds'), were usually reduced to cliches learned by rote, most of which stunk of robotic political correctness. And God help you if you suggested they got the body and sex all obviously wrong and brought out a chart...You'd be written up and brought before the High Inquisitor for quick processing out of the door faster than you could yell finger-in-the-dike! We men (and not a few women) were reduced to silent eye communications only about them, if you know what I mean. And we all took advantage of it in our Gulags, I can assure you.

I mean it was really bad. It got so I could finish their lines for them. Completely one dimensional shrews: "You could never understand what abortion is, you're a man!!"

That kind of thing. They could never break away from the pack and show a little independent thought. Certainly they would never suggest the "religious Right" could be correct on anything! And it was the same in matters more broadly cultural, almost to the very TV shows they watched.

Not even when O.J. Simpson's trial was in process and he was finally acquitted. They knew the ending from the very first, like witches of Endor. I mean, it just had to be detective Mark Furman--or whatever his name was--who went about sprinkling and mixing Nicole Simpson's and Ronald Goldman's blood all over the place, in OJ's Ford Bronco, on his socks, in the master bedroom of Simpson's home...the whole bit. There was never a doubt in their minds! Or if there was they certainly didn't let it show! If the facts don't fit, you must still acquit! I swear if OJ had been strangling me in front of them they would have sworn in court that I begged for it.

And if that is the case with our beloved Elena, God help us.

Michael Bérubé writes: "There exists an external world, whose properties are independent of any individual human being and indeed of humanity as a whole; that these properties are encoded in 'eternal' physical laws; and that human beings can obtain reliable, albeit imperfect and tentative, knowledge". So-called homosexuals, then, who cannot read the laws and language of the male-female body, or who do not care to, are---it must be said---either intellectually 'challenged' or narcissistic to the point of incontinence. But that plain observation does not mean we fail in love, or to care for such as persons. We must always care.

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