Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smarter Than You Think? Computers Learn to
Listen, and Some Talk Back

She's no lady
And the Potential for Big Brother-Like Surveillance Abuse Is Practically Unlimited in This Developing Unnatural-Artificial "World". As It Mesmerizes and Lures, It Practically Eviscerates Freedom, Privacy, Us. But the Pitch Men Would Rather We Think Nice Thoughts, NYT Lullaby Thoughts in the Brave New World, Where It Is All 'Good For Us' All Of The Time; As If The Only Problems Now Are the Kinks That Must Be Ironed Out. Aldous Huxley Would Smile...SH

NYT: “...Our young children and grandchildren will think it is completely natural to talk to machines that look at them and understand them,” said Eric Horvitz, a computer scientist at Microsoft’s research laboratory who led the medical avatar project, one of several intended to show how people and computers may communicate before long.

For decades, computer scientists have been pursuing artificial intelligence — the use of computers to simulate human thinking. But in recent years, rapid progress has been made in machines that can listen, speak, see, reason and learn, in their way. The prospect, according to scientists and economists, is not only that artificial intelligence will transform the way humans and machines communicate and collaborate, but will also eliminate millions of jobs, create many others and change the nature of work and daily routines.

The artificial intelligence technology that has moved furthest into the mainstream is computer understanding of what humans are saying. People increasingly talk to their cellphones to find things, instead of typing. Both Google’s and Microsoft’s search services now respond to voice commands. More drivers are asking their cars to do things like find directions or play music...

Certain emotions are now routinely detected at many call centers, by recognizing specific words or phrases, or by detecting other attributes in conversations. Voicesense, an Israeli developer of speech analysis software, has algorithms that measure a dozen indicators, including breathing, conversation pace and tone, to warn agents and supervisors that callers have become upset or volatile...Read it all

Note: Meanwhile new grave threats to our whittled away freedoms will have to be constantly found in order to justify such inhuman surveillance. And meanwhile too, the real and greatest threat to freedom will go the masses of peoples diverted by the old fashioned Nightly 'News', and by their own quaint priorities.

--->If only Theodore Kaczynski - the Unabomber had chosen the way of our Lord who knew better how to blow up bad ideas and evils; and then, derivatively, there was Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Henry David Thoreau whom he could have chosen as role models. I mean, Kaczynski was no dummy, hardly, just very unwise and spiritually skewed...