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Romanian Author Foretold the Choice: Back to the Cross or Face a New Universal Servitude

Warned against new idolatry, 'global dictatorship,' technology, the Machine

The author, Ioan Ianolide, died shortly after he finished the manuscript (see below). He had endured some 20 years of gulag imprisonment and after he was freed (in 1964) he lived in constant anguish because the repressive regime used to watch closely ex-political prisoners. The world for him was reduced to a Panopticon reality. So he wrote in secrecy and his manuscripts were smuggled abroad for protection. Only after 1989 were these returned to Romania and edited by monastics as the author always wished (1). A brief excerpt follows, written in 1985 before the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe.

The sorrows of a former prisoner

The former prisoner feels [in 1985] that in the near future the communist power will be annihilated. Still, he is sad and worried. Sad because he sees that those who enforced communism in his country are about to be come the masters of a new world.

He is worried because he understands that a new global dictatorship such as the world has never seen and whom nobody can oppose is about to come into being. "The golden calf, the ancient God is represented today by the Factory. The world worships the Machine. This is a new pseudo-religion. The object of its dogmas is the material world. Its meaning is only material and its finality is nothingness.

"The State, which will have the monopoly of sophisticated weapons, of genetic engineering and of the control of conscience, is going to be almighty and is going to destroy the humanity. In this kind of civilization nobody guarantees freedom for the people and nobody can control the terrible forces of technologies.

Back to the Cross

"Thus humanity lives on the heights of despair. All the world's sorrows are comprised in the Cross of Christ and that of the Christians. We must come back to the Holy Scriptures and to the Holy Spirit each time we lose our way, each time we fall into despondency. The sufferings we endure are meant to dissipate our dejection and to awaken our spirit".

Ioan Ianolide, 1985


In the ex-prisoner´s room burns a vigil light always. In his heart is a pulsing prayer. His isolation from the rest of the world has been increasing over the years, nevertheless he keeps the world buried within his heart.

He is uniting himself with Christ Jesus, the Savior, the King. In Christ he contemplates creation, the meaning and the purpose of it, and he feels responsible for all that is going on in the whole world.

His realism is sharp, he sees the ancestral, spiritual roots and the historical forces of evil.

Day after day, year after year, the Christian teaching became more and more clear for him. In his solitude, the great questions he asks are: which is the state of world in the eyes of God? which is the state of Christianity in the eyes of Christ?

The world and the Christianity are in deep crisis. But why did the crisis came upon the Christianity? After long hours of prayer, meditation and incessant questioning he came to a conclusion--- a surprising conclusion for the mentality of modern Christians--that what is lacking in Christianity is strength, vitality. Christianity has lost its vitality, she simply does not understand anymore that to Jesus Christ was given all power in Heavens and on the Earth.

The crisis of Christianity has made possible the sinning of demonic powers upon humanity. Satanism came into being in successive steps which transfered the demonic force from one to the next: anthropocentrism, humanism, rationalism, progressivism, materialism ---and finally, atheism, which in the last century became state religion.

This satanism has not succeeded yet to create the Antichrist , but it has created all the conditions for him to came into being.

The above was sent and translated by our friend, Paula who lives with her family in Europe. There will be additional excerpts to come. Many thanks to her.

(1) Will it be monastics again who preserve civilization if in the time to come, and through our own choices, we enter a real Dark Age?

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