Saturday, August 21, 2010

PBS On the Ethics of Messianic "Human Enhancement" and "The Singularity"

Ray Kurzweil, who says he is is striving for immortality, also says : "We are going to put these technologies inside us, blood-cell-size devices that will augment our immune system, make us a lot healthier, destroy disease and dramatically push back human longevity, go inside our brains and actually enable us to remember things better, solve problems more effectively. We are going to become a hybrid of machine and our biological heritage. In my mind, we are not going to be transcending our humanity. We are going to be transcending our biology."

Note: But again, we are almost always presented with only the [supposed] positive side of "human enhancement" by its zealous advocates; and the shadow side is largely hidden from the public. And again it was the very complicated Aldous Huxley who drew our attention to that shadow side (whatever his motives) as far back as the 1930's in Brave New World and then again in his essay-reflections on the trajectory of technological developments nearly 30 years later in Brave New World Revisited.

When it comes to technology the Atomic Bomb is, to say the least, instructive. Who can put that genie of doom back in the bottle and keep it there? The hubris of egoistic man needs to be watched, held constantly in check, and not allowed to do evil that supposed goods may come of it, lest in their hallucinations these technocratic wizards take all of humanity over over the precipice and into the abyss with them.

As for "The Singularity" (so-called, an obsessive eater reaches his singularity when he explodes, eats himself to death. It is the same with The Singularity. That its proponents always frame it as some king of inevitable good is naive in the extreme.

The 'scientific' dictatorship which Huxley warned of is perhaps the greatest threat to human freedom today, precisely because it is more occult imaginings than actual science, and is largely, on account of that, bereft of wisdom...See the video and transcript

From the vantage point of living long after the French Revolution we are now able to see clearly where spiritually unaided 'reason' has taken us, straight to a culture of death; not to a world beyond war, but to a world where a state of apparent or possible permanent war is called 'peace,' and where murderous practices (abortion is but one) are put forth as solutions to the consequences of our own moral transgressions. 'Reason' like 'science' is an epistemologically loaded conception which must be deconstructed in our time by tracing its philosophical pedigree to the roots.

It is shocking how many people there are today who reflexively think they are socially 'progressive,' and in some sense artistically 'avant garde,' and do not realize at all that they are in fact the result of abject herd conditioning.

--->The Eloquence of Hubris is Seen In Its Own Blind Death-Wish, or "The Singularity".

What I mean is that "whatsoever a man sows, that also shall he reap" (Gal 6:7). Freedom is a perilous gift. And to abuse it is to spit into the face of God. We boast of our technology, we may very well die of our technology. Because sin literally means "misses the mark" of being, and very often God leaves the pertinaciously impenitent to their own mad freedom and gives us up to the consequences of our own free decisions, which we forged like Marley's chains, link by sorry link.

Technology, when made our only boast, abused and made the instrument of oppression and cruel belligerence, may very well bury us. We could blow ourselves to smithereens, die by the hand of madmen. O Yes, God may very well allow it as the penultimate stop on route to Hell or Heaven. What might that look like? It could look like this... So we had better take heed, lest God surprise the proud and haughty who play with the souls of simple, ordinary, good people. Because after that awful fiery blast (or series of blasts) there will be yet one more lasting Stop.

--->The man who pretty much 'wrote the book' on modern propaganda, and how to "organize chaos"

SH: Many saw IT coming, but few heeded the warnings, preferring to think of it as merely fictional, as opposed to signs and trajectories of real (enough) unnatural social changes; as witness...

World Without Men: The Forgotten Novel of Totalitarian Lesbiocracy by Charles Eric Maine

Thomas F. Bertonneau writes (emphasis mine--sh): The blurb on the thirty-five cent Ace paperback likens Charles Eric Maine’s 1958 novel World without Men to George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Ordinarily – and in consideration of the genre and the lurid cover – one would regard such a comparison skeptically. Nevertheless, while not rising to the artistic level of the Orwell and Huxley masterpieces, World without Men merits being rescued from the large catalogue of 1950s paperback throwaways, not least because of Maine’s vision of an ideological dystopia is based on criticism, not of socialism or communism per se nor of technocracy per se, but rather of feminism.

Maine saw in the nascent feminism of his day (the immediate postwar period) a dehumanizing and destructive force, tending towards totalitarianism, which had the potential to deform society in radical, unnatural ways. Maine grasped that feminism – the dogmatic delusion that women are morally and intellectually superior to men – derived its fundamental premises from hatred of, not respect for, the natural order; he grasped also that feminism entailed a fantastic rebellion against sexual dimorphism, which therefore also entailed a total rejection of inherited morality.

In World without Men, Maine asserts that the encouragement of sexual hedonism, the spread of pornography into the mainstream of public culture, and the proscription of masculinity are inevitable consequences of the feminist program, once established. The fifty years since the novel’s publication – as a thirty-five cent paperback – have vindicated Maine’s notable prescience as a social commentator... Read it all

The 2008 Brideshead movie. Bad--->U.S. Assures Israel That Iran Threat Is Not Imminent; too bad for the warmongering Neocons.

--->I finally saw the new (2008) movie version of Brideshead Revisited. I was truly willing to give it a chance despite all the bad reviews. But the acting was completely lifeless, almost depressing, and it absolutely butchered the text and intentions of Evelyn Waugh's masterpiece. Baaaad.

--->Bishop Richard Williamson on George Orwell's book, 1984, Pt 1 (subsequent parts at YouTube)

--->Rape Claim Against Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Withdrawn. Julian Assange, the founder of the Wikileaks website, was at the centre of an extraordinary "dirty tricks" row today after the Swedish government issued and then withdrew an arrest warrant against him for rape

--->From C.S. Lewis to Gandhi to Kafka to Ingmar Bergman, The Influence of G.K. Chesterton

--->Evolution and the Culture of Death

--->Student persecuted by university for having Christian beliefs; university wants to send her to mind-manipulating "sensitivity training" to unhinge her from her faith.

--->The Monastero di San Benedetto. See the monastic renaissance.

--->EWTN on Mary and the call to the priesthood

The most balanced of the Catholic traditionalists, corrects all exaggerations while affirming all important criticisms--->Vatican approves new New Roman Missal English-Language Translation, officially returns Pro Multis to the Canon, Eucharistic prayer. Promise kept. Reform of the reform. See also Michael Davies on the unquestionable validity of the Novus Ordo, whatever the problems; the very substance of Catholic dogmatics is involved in this Davies shows here and, in far more detail, in the book. Follow threads to the Abbe de Nantes on the same.

<---Michael Davies book, I Am With You Always, by one of the most balanced and learned of the Catholic traditionalists; the book corrects all extreme trad exaggerations while affirming all important criticisms; it takes Catholics back to the original intentions of the traditionalist response to Vatican II. Another important contribution is found at the scholarly website of Frs. Brian Harrison and John F. McCarthy. See also The Remnant Newspaper, where editor Michael J. Matt recently made important remarks about coming to the aid of the Catholic press over all Internet presentations: "Now more than ever, Catholics must come to the aid of the Catholic press so as to keep the Catholic voice strong and outspoken in the war against secularism and militant Christophobia. That the Internet will remain free of government regulation in the days to come is highly unlikely. We are already being silenced!"

--->Fr. Worthley's powerful video reflecting on: Summorum Pontificum ; a true reform of the reform is unquestionably happening.

--->Other Sheep: When theologians said that the Church is wider than the Roman Catholic Church, they were simply affirming tradition against the literalism of those like Fr. Leonard Feeney who sought to "brick and mortar," as it were, in the legal address sense the mystical body of Christ. It was the affirmation that there many whom the popes still called Christians who remain in good faith through a kind of "invincible ignorance" (Pius IX) a part of the Church, albeit outside her mundane legal address. The most recent clarification on the relation of those historically related to the Church is Dominus Iesus, 2000

--->Lisa Graas: Top 5 Lies Frances Kissling is Telling About the Catholic Bishops "Frances Kissling, former president of 'Catholics' for a Free Choice, has one great desire in life. That is, to bring down the Catholic Church..."

--->Some reflections on Faith and Doubt...

--->Jackie Mason, American comic and national treasure, says Obama inconsistent, and asks Is being Christian a crime? What a good a decent man; very funny too when he is doing his routine.

In American politics: "All that is needed is money and a candidate that can be coached to look sincere."---Aldous Huxley