Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Just Catholics

While calling on respect and compassion for all, as the Catholic Church does also, the Dali Lama certainly does not approve homosexual sex or ideology. In a 2001 interview with the French magazine Dimanche, the Dalai Lama, affirming the natural law in this regard, says of homosexual activity:

"It's part of what we Buddhists call "bad sexual conduct". Sexual organs were created for reproduction between the male element and the female element–and everything that deviates from that is not acceptable from a Buddhist point of view.” [Source here]

And he has said it before in interviews to various publications. And for this reason many homosexuals today treat him with scorn. Consider the following unhappy fellow:

At a 1997 press conference the Dalai Lama said: “Men to men sex and women to women sex is sexual misconduct...” In an interview with 2001 Swiss magazine he said, “Sexual organs were created for sexual reproduction between the male the element and the female element and anything that deviates from this is not acceptable...” In 1999 he endorsed Consistent Life, an anti-abortion lobby group... In a series of religious writings published in 1998 he said, "Masturbation is forbidden...” In the same religious writings he deemed, “Oral sex and anal sex are not acceptable even between a husband and wife”..the Dalai Lama says gay sex, oral sex, anal sex, day sex and abortion are all wrong – is that who you want running a free Tibet?

Conclusion? The writer says, "I think the Dalai Lama is a bit of an arse". Well, the writer would, wouldn't he... [Source here]

The Dali Lama, like the Catholic Church, teaches that we should show respect and compassion to all, but not to accept false ideologies which would seek to impose a "bad" sexual ethic / ideology on our young in school, passing off what is obviously unnatural, very risky to health and family, as an alleged human good.

--->See also Gandhi: What he believed about sex, marriage and birth control. The similarity between Gandhi's views and those of the Catholic Church is also striking and inescapable

--->People shouldn't believe the Gandhi smears in which reviews of a book frame him as "bisexual" (Click). The NWO cannot abide any ideals but its own (certainly not Gandhi's own teachings on human sexuality)---so it is tearing down everyone except Goldman Sachs and the other culprits who have brought the Middle and working classes to misery. Gandhi was a nationalist who resisted the Anglo-American move towards world hegemony---which makes him odious to the globalists, though he possessed moral dimensions that had universal spiritual application (the golden rule, non-violence vs. Churchill's doctrine of total war which matched Hitler's)

Pertinent Gandhi quotes: "The individual has to die for the family, the family has to die for the village, the village for the district, the district for the province, and the province for the country ... a country may be free in order that it may die, if necessary for the benefit of the world.----Gandhiji in Indian Villages, p.170

"It is impossible for one to be inter-nationalist without being a nationalist.
Young India, 18.6.1923

Note: Social activists should recall that in their respect for Natural Law the Dali Lama and Gandhi saw sexual continence not as a negative but as a spiritually liberating life force. Were it not for intense media propaganda which inflates / hugely magnifies a minuscule percentage of any population for ideological reasons, homosexuality would be in the West what it always was, a small sub-culture; one that should be left alone; let people answer for themselves before God. Most of us could care less what people do in their private lives; but imposing the [population control?] ideology on whole populations through a manufactured media-driven so-called human rights campaign, and calling all ordinary revulsion to such corporate propaganda a "phobia" is (like that other oxymoron "Gay marriage") trick nonsense and an affront to the human race. The truth is, it is rather a human right not to be so manipulated. Like Gandhi and the Dali Lama, we seek only that our families and children's education be left alone.

See also Clergy Sexual Abuse in Perspective...

--->Andrew Bacevich: American Power and Military Policy [Thanks to David L. Jones for this]

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--->New World Disorder: China to maintain trade cooperation with Iran

--->Stephen Hawking Losing It: Says We Must Move to Outer Space or Face Extinction (VIDEO). Note: Yes, technology and war and greed, all of it controlling us, are killing us. But spiritual sanity calls us rather to rediscover ourselves, the blessings of simplicity, returning to more truly local government (principle of subsidiary) and to reject monopoly; especially as we have seen how dangerously far afield the imperial federal powers and corporatocracy have led us. Stephen Hawking has lost it in his epistemologically-loaded "science". We need to refind it, send the unscrupulous technocrats and power-mongers back in search for their lost spiritual selves.

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"Too often technological progress means more efficient means with which to go backwards"---Aldous Huxley

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  1. "and calling all ordinary revulsion to such propaganda a "phobia" is trick nonsense and an affront to the human race. The truth is, it is rather a human right not to be so manipulated."

    Beautifully said --thank you. The hair-splitting in Catholic circles on this one defies belief: "But if they're chaste..." Seriously, how many anyones could be supposed to be chaste, but there at the top of the list is homosexuals? Yes, all those guys in the parks and in leather at odd-priest parties are planning only bass fishing. I'm dead certain that Melissa Etheridge is chaste, as is Ellen. Not.

    I am one of those who believes that God did NOT make anyone homosexual; why would He goof up His own plan? "He made them. Male and female, He made them." If only one gender was necessary, there'd be one gender. He made two genders. Only two. It is we (with a little help from God's enemy) who have extended it to four. I will never, ever accept it as normal, or almost normal, or normal enough. The God of all possible universes says No. Period. And yes, I'm tired of our being manipulated. Don't post this if it will only bring rain here, or pain to others. It's not a big agenda with me, I just am very sad that folks' families accept the "gay" thing so quickly. This nation is truly one of sheeple, now, but I still speak up.

    I am glad to see that the Dalai Lama is a decent and thinking man. The world needs to hear from all the religions on this one.