Friday, August 20, 2010

"Nice Words but Money is Nicer"

from “Basilius de Grote. Een Evangelische Revolutionair”by K. Duchatelez, o.praem. trans. by Macrina Walker

Basil’s social doctrine was grounded in the conviction that all people are equal and share the same human nature. The poor, the rich and the emperor are all companions in slavery, that is, they are all dependent on God.[1] Moreover, human beings are social creatures and communal life and interaction with one another require a generosity that can alleviate the needs of the destitute. The scriptural command to “Give to anyone who asks” (Mt 5,42) calls us to a sharing and a mutual love that are characteristic of human nature.[2] The Acts of the Apostles (4,34-35) teaches us how this is to be put into practice.

In the first ecclesial community of Jerusalem, the Christians sold their goods and gave the money to apostles to distribute to those who needed it.

Basil encouraged the faithful Christians of his time to respond to the Gospel injunction: “Sell your possessions and give to those in need,” and “give to the poor” (Lk 12,33; 18,22).[3] Basil had himself long ago responded to this call and had committed himself with all his heart to a life of voluntary poverty. In the Acts of the Apostles, the giving away of one’s possessions is presented as a free choice, and in the Gospel it is seen as a condition of perfection. However, Basil became even more radical and saw it as a rule of life for all Christians. Moved by the extreme social needs of the population, and enlightened by the scriptures, Basil insisted that the produce of the earth was intended for all.

While God the Creator had indeed distributed it unevenly, he had done this with the intention that the rich should [freely] share with the poor. Basil simply swept aside the usual objections...Read it all

--->Soldiers: You have the right to refuse participation in war! What is conscientious objection and how can you apply? Generally, conscientious objection (CO) is a sincere conviction, motivated by conscience, that forbids someone from participation in war. This objection may apply to all forms or to particular aspects of war. The Selective Service defines a conscientious objector as “one who is opposed to serving in the armed forces and/or bearing arms on the grounds of moral or religious principles.”

--->Military Deaths in Afghanistan under Obama Top Those under Bush

--->Why Would Anyone Do That? Obama Administration Blocks Release of Pivotal HHS Abstinence Study. A taxpayer-funded study that indicates parental and adolescent support of abstinence education is not being released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, as it does not support the administration's objective - or that of vocal "safe sex" activists - of eliminating all abstinence-education funding.

--->Aren't they precious, the little shadow-boxers? Atheists campaign for `right’ to blaspheme religion. Look, if a man does not believe, let him show some psychological soundness and get on to other things, for goodness' sake. They are not content with a hedonistic society? How bored and miserable they must be!

--->Study shows Church-run hospitals provide better quality care more efficiently than other secular hospitals. But atheists I suppose will in principle be more than willing to euthanize you, harvest your organs $$$, abort your babies $$$ to harvest fetal tissue $$$ so that they can one day euthanize others $$$...

--->Egg recall tied to salmonella grows to 380 million. Thoroughly cooking eggs can kill the bacteria. But health officials are recommending people throw away or return the recalled eggs. Eggs affected by the expanded recall were distributed to food wholesalers, distribution centers and food service companies in California, Colorado, Minnesota, Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma, Oregon, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin.

--->Egg Farm Investigation (Ohio). Horrible agribusiness, CAUTION: Hard to watch, cruelty. Return farming to local farmers! Big business corrupts whatever it touches.

--->Cloned Meat May Already Have Invaded Our Food Supply, Posing Alarming Health Risks

--->Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed. See RT video Report

--->"No Way Can US Win A Non-Nuclear War With Iran"

Greece, give 'em a loan...--->Greece gets another manacle, fetter, ball and chain, shackle... , as witness how (to mix metaphors) the octopus longs to wrap its loving arms around us, equipped with chemoreceptors for our own good.

And speaking of octopi

--->Christian Leaders Praise Taize Community on 70th Anniversary

--->Amnesty International urged Saudi authorities on Friday not to medically paralyse a man in retribution for similar injuries he allegedly caused during a fight.

--->Young will have to change names to escape 'cyber past' warns Google's Eric Schmidt. The private lives of young people are now so well documented on the internet that many will have to change their names on reaching adulthood, Google’s CEO has claimed. "I don't believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded by everyone all the time," Mr Schmidt told the Wall Street Journal.

--->Rejection of gay adoption is not a matter of tolerance, asserts Mexican archbishop

--->The Health Risks of Gay Sex by John R. Diggs, JR., M.D.

--->The suppression of Catholic institutions in the U.K. continues as the only remaining Catholic adoption agency in England and Wales has lost a battle to continue its services. A commission ruled the agency’s religious views did not justify its refusal to place children with homosexual couples.

--->The hijacking of the civil rights movement. "Civil Rights are granted based on birth rights, not mores, habits, or predilections we conform to. Race is immutable; sexual preferences can change"---Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr.

Note: It is abundantly clear that the homosexual agenda is simply tactical, an acid to throw in the eyes of the Church and families at every opportunity. It has nothing to do with even homosexuality per se, except that it reflects a means to an end, the nihilism of politicians who see themselves less and less as representatives of the majorities, but as "rulers" over all attempting to forge "a new world" wherein nihilist power poses as the only 'parent' of all.

Political correctness is for the spineless, for servile 'men' and women who only think of their personal advancement under oligarchs, at the expense of majorities. Political correctness shifts 'loyalty' away from the traditions of proud peoples and nations and to the new usurping plutonomy.

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