Monday, August 16, 2010

Newsweek Quotes Mao and Affirms 'We need global, not just national, leaders' to "save humanity"

Spare us such salvation. Quote: "Mao Zedong was right. we should always focus on the primary, not secondary, contradictions...The only way ... is to develop a strong, new international consensus, among citizens as well as governments, that the world needs more global governance (not global government). Only then will the mightiest nations think of the greater good and allow institutions—from the G20 to the U.N., from the IMF to the World Trade Organization—to be revitalized.

"Yes, these bodies are imperfect. But in the world of politics, it is easier to reform existing institutions than to create perfect new ones. Mao’s successor, Deng Xiaoping, taught us how pragmatism could revive one great civilization. We need to muster the same pragmatism to save humanity..."---Read it all

Note: Hey boys, enough with the Mao references please, there's nothing like recalling thoughts of mass genocide to spoil one's morning coffee and to suspect the sanity and / or good will of the author and publishers. Look, everybody is for free international cooperation, but not at the expense of the sovereignty of nations, eh? That's most of the world, even if not the would-be global plutonomy. "Global governance, not global government..." whatever can that mean? How stupid do they think we are?

And how can we forget Obama's Anita Dunn who embarrassed the White House by letting the Mao cat out of the bag...

--->Harvard University cuts its losses, dumps all investments in Israel
, shifts investments to China. Very curious indeed.

--->Lourdes evacuated for bomb scare, evening events uninterrupted

--->NYT: Winston Churchill is remembered for leading Britain through her finest hour — but what if he also led the country through her most shameful one? What if, in addition to rousing a nation to save the world from the Nazis, he fought for a raw white supremacy and a concentration camp network of his own?