Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Malachi Martin: visionary priest, Cold War spy or notorious womanizer?

by Thomas Concert, Catholic Investigative Journal

Malachi Martin (1921-1999), papal envoy, alleged Cold War spy/ Israeli informant, accused of wife-stealing, and prolific writer …had 3 doctoral degrees, spoke 10 languages and lived one of the most mysterious lives in Catholic history.

The year was 1962 and the Catholic Church was going through some of its most profound and turbulent changes in its 2,000 year history: Vatican II. Father Malachi Martin, at that time, a 41 year-old brilliant Jesuit priest, was making his own undercover history: meeting, influencing and negotiating with the world’s spiritual and political power brokers.

The frail and diminuitive Martin allegedly travelled the world on clandestine missions for the Vatican seeking peace, reconciliation and concessions for part of his brief and tumultous 11 years as a Jesuit priest.

Allegations that Martin was a Cold War spy, even a double agent, and an Israeli informant can be traced to at least one source.

In his 2007 book, American Spiritual Radical: Abraham Joshua Heschel, author Edward K. Kaplan said that Martin cooperated with the American Jewish Committee during the Vatican Council “for a mixture of motives, both lofty and ignoble.” He “primarily advised the committee on theological issues, but he also provided logistical intelligence and copies of restricted documents.” Catholic author, William H. Kennedy, denied the allegations as well as non-Catholic blogger Marnie Tunay.

Unfortunately, so much of the commentary on Martin’s clandestine years were written with decidely anti-Catholic sentiment...Read it all

Solomon, the baby, and the true motherNote: We are living in such remarkable times it is no wonder opinions and rumors fly around, especially in this medium, like blarney-fests in a pub. Charity always, but especially today, needs to strive for justice, especially when rumors appear vicious. In a time when the Church is reeling from persecutions without and disorientation within, charity is the only way to go. Let opinions be expressed, let a case be made for anything serious, but I think we need always to strive also for a strong dose of humility, realizing we are likely to be right in some things, wrong in others. It is good to remind ourselves that rumor and hunches are never enough to base our conclusions on. And when we see others attacked wrongly---whether we agree with the victim's general views or not---charity will seek to raise the bar of evidence, never lower it. A person not willing to correct an error when found is not a Catholic Christian but a propagandist-zealot.

--->The War is On: Revisiting Malachi Martin's Windswept House, Exorcists Confirm Infiltrations into Vatican

Memo to Benedict XVI and Bishops re Holy Silence: Having answered what can and should be answered before the persecuting powers, now it is many believe time to be silent when accused, as the Lord was silent in the Sanhedrin when He was falsely accused by the treacherous High Priest. Holy silence is, we learn, the way of wisdom, because anything that is said or not said to avowed enemies will inevitably be twisted against all Catholics. But this only reveals them, not us. Holy silence is to be preferred to defensive Press Releases. Let the prominent laymen and women in Rome defend, but not the hierarchy, who should be silent before persecuting accusers.

Note on Internet: It is said that an initiative is on where regular bloggers here and all over the Internet may be charged and even taxed to maintain their content, if the Google-Verizon deal goes through and Net neutrality is shot down. That will be the end for most of us if it happens. So take advantage and download whatever you find helpful now. I may open up the previous blog for one week to allow people another chance to download material they want.

--->'Gay' magazine Attitude this week explores a taboo subject Рthat many homosexuals suffer self-loathing, isolation and depression. ""There is this clich̩ that we are all having a great time partying, but actually we know, and the research is now showing, there are a hell of a lot of unhappy gay people; far higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicide than among straight men; far higher rates of self-destructive behaviour; substance abuse and sex addiction..."

Note: Many will chalk this up to cultural oppression, but that is clearly nonsense in our our media-corporate sanctioned hedonistic social 'science' and societies in the West. Guilt is teleological, it is a reset button that says the unnatural is wrong, awry and very dangerous. It is time to return to the male-female structure and true diversity of creation, of reality which alone can make a future through family; time to conform our minds to objective reality and not seek to bend Reality to unnatural "fantasies". Fantasy is by definition an unreal, capricious, flight from reality.