Sunday, August 8, 2010

Evelyn Waugh? Bosh! Such Bores!

Waugh's conversion to Catholicism finds no place in the above, to be sure. Along less irritating lines, last year Waugh made The Guardian's Top Ten Death Bed Scenes in Literature.
This episode worries many lapsed Catholics. Lord Marchmain has abandoned his wife, estate and faith for a life of European sophistication with his mistress. But when the reaper gives notice of his arrival, Marchmain returns to Brideshead. He is unrepentant, but then the priest arrives and on his deathbed the aristocrat receives the last sacraments and is snared by the church at the last...See the others
Waugh on Picasso: "Picasso fails to be an artist in two essentials. First, in communication. He is hit-or-miss. Nothing is more ludicrous than the posturing of a Svengali who fails to put his Trilby under. The only criticisms valid for him are: 'Ooh, doesn't it make you feel funny inside' or 'the fellow's a charlatan'. You do not hear people say: 'I think the hand is coarsely painted, but what an exquisite angel's head in the left hand corner. And what a lovely landscape through the window' it all

--->Evelyn Waugh's Review of Chesterton's Man and Mask in a 1961 issue of National Review

And speaking of National Review, isn't it odd that William F. Buckley Jr. was a frequent contributor to, of all things, Playboy? And forgive there in another connection anything possibly misleading about Waugh. As Paula Byrne says in an interesting Sunday Times article, August 9, 2009:
"Homosexuality was considered by many to be a passing phase which young men would grow out of once they had left Oxford and begun to meet young women. Waugh did so. Hugh [his alleged 'friend'] did not".
But one can remain friends with a homosexual, surely, unless one wishes to leave the planet in every instance. And dragging one Tom Driberg, another university chum, as the only witness to Waugh's reception into the Catholic Church was surely an eloquent witness. Catholics were seen as hopelessly medieval by those old Oxford boys.

--->Tony Perkins: Prop. 8 Judge Should Have Recused Himself Because Of His 'Sexuality'. "I think what you have is one judge who thinks he knows -- and a district level judge and an openly homosexual judge at that -- who says he knows better than not only 7 million voters in the state of California but voters in 30 states across the nation that have passed marriage amendments," said Perkins. "This is far from over."

Note: Yes, for sure. This was no disinterested judge who sought to smash democracy in California.

--->Wildfires rage on shrouding Moscow in blanket of smog (and video)

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