Monday, September 13, 2010

Fortitude: The strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage

"...every courageous action has as its deepest root the readiness to die, even though, viewed from without, it may appear entirely free from any thought of death." Fortitude "reaches down into the depths of the willingness to die." And that is where its "effective power" comes from (Josef Pieper, The Four Cardinal Virtues, University of Notre Dame Press, 117)

Note: For us the goal is non-violent moral persuasion by reason and example.

“The brave man not only knows how to bear inevitable evil with equanimity; he will also not hesitate to “pounce upon” evil and to bar its way, if this can reasonably be done. This attitude requires readiness to attack, courage, self-confidence, and hope of success. . . " (Pieper pp. 129-130)

"St. Thomas Aquinas says that the brave man uses wrath to pounce upon evil (Summa Theologiae II-II, 123, 10, ad 3). Thus fortitude and wrath work directly upon each other. The readiness to meet the supreme test by dying in patient endurance so that the good may be realized does not exclude the willingness to fight and attack. Indeed, it is from this readiness that the springs of action . . . receive that detachment that, in the last analysis, are denied to every sort of tense and strained activism (Pieper, 133)

Note: As used here in peacetime we are talking about the nonviolent "attacking" of moral evils and errors which have dire consequences relative to the common good. Get the book.... Fools attack apart from justice, confusing ego for truth. St. Thomas says the good attack only for the sake of justice, regardless of the appearance or outcome.

I read a person who said what he wanted from Christianity was a peace that transcended the tumult of the world; he wanted something akin to what he thought was a Zen-like Unknowing. He forgot that peace and suffering are not opposites, and he must have also seen the Cross as a platonic symbol above history, above the conflict between good and evil, instead of both atonement and judgment within time and space in the face of this very conflict, an invitation to the Good and a decisive repudiation of evil.

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