Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zero ---a high end aesthetic with zero content

Is it an hallucination of madness, or modern Italy under Berlusconi's globalization? Guess. 'Sex and politics have always gone together. But now Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi is canvassing votes with a staff of glamour models. Man of the people or national embarrassment?' His wife calls him 'the Emperor' and accuses him of cavorting with minors,' but says he must have his pleasures according to the documentary, Berlusconi's World - Italy ; (Don't look for it; it would make Caligula blush), though his world does not appear to have come to blood yet, except through alliance with America's and Britain's planetary wars.

Berlusconi has a stranglehold on most of Italy's television and, being Prime Minister to boot, one can only imagine the propaganda potential to transvalue all values--and with his son in the waiting. Money = dynasty / destiny in the new globalization. Journalists who criticize him don't last long. He has practically unbounded power. His brother owns newspapers and Silvio has an unparalleled one-man distribution network, monopoly such as now is also, since Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, taking form in the US and Britain. Silvio appears to have no fear of God ---whatsoever.

--->So, Is It Any Wonder: Italy’s Last Catholic Generation? Mass Attendance in “Collapse” among Under-30s

--->A Less Pessimistic Fidel Castro returns to public life with nuclear war warning for Barack Obama

--->Justin Raimondo: Iraq: We’re ‘Withdrawing’But Not Leaving

--->The corporatocracy at work, television...

--->Buy a Baby: Int'l Couples Flock to U.S. for Gender-Selective In-Vitro Fertilization


Notice: I'm afraid the way this page is taking shape, while it won't be the same as the last blog (now open by invitation only) "Calmer Waters" as a name just won't do since the big issues and thought-forms of the day are a tad (!) more complicated. Hamlet will have to do. Those who did not download materials from the previous blog, as all were repeatedly urged to do for a year, I'm sorry. But you will have to research your own material then. This is a new blog for similar and new emphases and only for those people who are interested.

There are plenty of blogs on the Internet. I write in the old newspaper way. Save or lose it. People either saved newspaper articles or lost them. I try to present information, to the extent that I am able, for Catholics, and don't play by Internet 'rules' (expectations people come to have about the Internet's or a blog's permanency) or play to lurkers forever.

Sorry about that; but it's just the way it is; minimizing data collection by the corporatocarcy gives me a peculiar satisfaction.

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