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Chrysostom: a Christian home is incomplete without a Christ Room

Whoever gives only a cup of cold water to drink... will surely not lose his reward."

"I was a stranger," Christ says, "and you took me in" (Mt 25:35). And again, "In so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me." (Mt 25:40). In every believer and brother, though they be least of all, Christ comes to you. Open your house, take them in. "Whoever receives a prophet, shall receive a prophet's reward."... These are the qualities that ought to be in those who welcome strangers: readiness, cheerfulness, liberality. For strangers feel abashed and ashamed, and unless their host shows real joy, they feel slighted and go away, and their being received in this way makes it worse than not to have received them.

Therefore, set aside a room in your house, to which Christ may come; say, "This is Christ's room; this is set apart for him." Even if it is very simple, he will not disdain it. Christ goes about "naked and a stranger"; he needs shelter: do not hesitate to give it to him. Do not be lacking in compassion or be inhuman.

St Martin de PorresYou are earnest in worldly matters, do not be cold in spiritual matters... You have a place set apart for your wagon, but none for Christ who is wandering by? Abraham received strangers in his own home (Gn 18); his wife took the place of a servant, the guests the place of masters.

They did not know that they were receiving Christ, that they were receiving angels. If Abraham had known it, he would have lavished his whole substance. But we, who know that we receive Christ, do show not as much zeal as he did, who thought that he was receiving mere men.

-- St John Chrysostom, Homily 45 on the Acts of the Apostles (Thanks to Jim and Nancy Forest for this

"...a person's superfluous income, that is, income which he does not need to sustain life fittingly and with dignity, is not left wholly to his own free determination. Rather the Sacred Scriptures and the Fathers of the Church constantly declare in the most explicit language that the rich are bound by a very grave precept to practice almsgiving, beneficence, and munificence". ---Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno

Life, the Universe and (Avoiding) the End of Everything

by John Hallam

Let's make one thing clear. Nuclear weapons are still, and have been ever since their large-scale deployment in the 1960's, about the end of pretty much everyone and everything, or at least of all that we, as distinct from an anaerobic bacterium, might consider to be useful, interesting, and valuable.

They are not literally about the 'end of the world' as after their use, the world - this planet that is - will still be here, and rotating on its axis, notwithstanding some Hollywood disaster movies and the end of the Mayan calendar next year - which may signify the end of an aeon or may signify nothing at all. Even the coronal mass ejections predicted for 2012 will at worst (hopefully anyway) destroy no more than all global telecommunications, the net, and perhaps the global financial system (with luck)...Read it all

--->In 1979 Steven Mosher of PRI was the only American social scientist in China. He was the first American invited to do research there. While there he discovered that the Chinese were forcing women to have abortions...women around the world are being used in medical experiments that would have made the Nazis proud ...See the video

--->Depression, Abuse, Suicide: Fishermen's Wives Face Post-Spill Trauma

--->13% believe President's policies have helped them...

---> White House hits the panic button on fall elections

--->Obama Administration OKs First Tax-Funded Abortions Under 'Health Care' Law

Robert Shapiro's White Flag Assessment: “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” said Shapiro, adding, “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.”---Financial Times. Shapiro was undersecretary of commerce under Bill Clinton.

--->Farmers hit again and again. Note: Is it another land grab?

19th century London workhouseUK Daily Mail - Sterilise the poor and bring back the workhouse: Public's suggestions for spending cuts.

Note: this is the result of incessant corporate-owned and controlled media propaganda which cynically distracts from the mega-thefts and ongoing looting of Middle Class wealth to the tune of trillions by bankers and mega money interests, shifting all blame to the poor themselves. The Middle Class is being decimated and foreclosed on and simply do not know what or who to blame. So the poor are, as Dickens knew well, always an easy target for misplaced anxiety.

See Dickens v. The Malthusians. It is why Dickens is increasingly demonized today in media.

---Roy F. Moore – On Distributism, Marxist Socialism and Capitalism--De Irina Bazon. Distributism vs. Socialism

Prepare for a Shock and
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--->Stephen Drake of the Disability Rights Advocacy Organization, Not Dead Yet on Using and Promoting Change of Language to Make the Objectionable Acceptable

--->More Evidence of Zionist Influence over US Policy

--->"...unsurprisingly Anglicanism by force never caught on with the Irish" Too, 440 years ago today St Pius V codified the Tridentine Mass, really only a slight edit of the late mediæval missal in Rome (same fine site by John Beeler)