Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christopher Hitchens and the Topic of Cancer, Preserving the Image

Taking Benedict XVI Down or Out With Him, Sadly Lumping Him With War Criminals...

"...Rage would be beside the point for the same reason. Instead, I am badly oppressed by a gnawing sense of waste. I had real plans for my next decade and felt I’d worked hard enough to earn it. Will I really not live to see my children married?

To watch the World Trade Center rise again? To read—if not indeed write—the obituaries of elderly villains like Henry Kissinger and Joseph Ratzinger?"...Read the sad eloquence

--->A video response to the latest from Alex Jones (Please pardon my tragi-comic aging face, I'm only doing these videos when I think the matter alarming or controversial enough to at least try to give a Catholic perspective). There are reasons to be concerned, as I have noted here and elsewhere, but not as Jones frames it all. The American diet of high processed food laden with added fats and sugars is no good for us, but that is a long way from saying they are out to, er, "exterminate" us. And exercise and genetics count big time too.

--->The CIA and WMDs: The Damning Evidence---NY Review of Books

--->Emily Dickinson & Her Family's Feuds: Her father had likened [her brother] Austin's college compositions to Shakespeare and wanted to have them published, but he didn't have a clue that his minuscule daughter in her velvet snood was one of the great "singers" of the 19th century. In fact, none of the men in her life had the least idea of what her poetry was about.

--->There’s a struggle inside the brain of David Eagleman for the soul of David Eagleman. "That is, there might be such a struggle if Eagleman’s brain believed that Eagleman had a soul, which he is not sure about. In fact, Eagleman’s brain is not completely sure that there is an Eagleman-beyond-Eagleman’s-brain at all—with or without a soul, whatever that term might mean. Welcome to the world of “possibilian” neuroscientist-writer David Eagleman...Maybe the brain allows itself to imagine a soul in order to take the sting out of mortality of the brain. Maybe the soul allows the brain to pretend to be in control, secure in the knowledge that the soul is immortal

Note: What I think is of teleological significance is the fact that the questions cannot be extinguished, even when they remain only implicit.

--->No "Recession" sensitivity for His belle. Michelle Obama's Vacation Stirs Controversy

How Disney Magic and the Corporate Media Shape Youth Identity in the Digital Age

by: Henry Giroux and Grace Pollock

While the "empire of consumption" has been around for a long time, American society in the last 30 years has undergone a sea change in the daily lives of children - one marked by a major transition from a culture of innocence and social protection, however imperfect, to a culture of commodification. Youth are now assaulted by a never-ending proliferation of marketing strategies that colonize their consciousness and daily lives. Under the tutelage of Disney and other megacorporations, children have become an audience captive not only to traditional forms of media such as film, television and print, but even more so to the new digital media made readily accessible through mobile phones, PDAs, laptop computers and the Internet. The information, entertainment and cultural pedagogy disseminated by massive multimedia corporations have become central in shaping and influencing every waking moment of children's daily lives - all toward a lifetime of constant, unthinking consumption...Read it all

--->Iran's Ahmadinejad survives blast near motorcade, blames "stupid Zionists"

Tom and Sally slave, thought they took secrets to the grave--->"Gay" judge overturns democracy in California...Read it. Note: being a federal judge is an ordinary route to one day possibly serving on the Supreme Court. And Supreme Court "justices" are the Guardians of the Ideology which will trump the people very, very often in favor of elitist politics. "Gay" marriage by even analogous traditional norms (except maybe in some practical sense for the aging, transvaluing all language) is obviously an oxymoron, a trick. The United States must always appear on the cutting edge, even of nonsense. Otherwise how would it imagine itself to be the "greatest country in the history of the world" which its Presidents repeat like a mantra? Jefferson in his power differential with his love-slaves (it is called rape) showed that our supposedly unprecedented freedom has always been, sadly, part farce (Jefferson loved his "freedom" and, er, "loved" his slaves, if you know what I mean).

--->Matt C. Abbott column. The Evangelical Christian case against contraception


--->Italian Prime Minister Caligula Silvio Berlusconi survived a critical vote in parliament Wednesday which could have brought down his government if it had succeeded.

--->Financial Times: IMF blueprint for a global currencyyes really. Note: More than any purely economic configuration per se, it is the imposed global ethic which must concern us as Catholics, and the fact that sovereign nations may not be able to opt out, as witness the attacks on Nicaragua's anti-abortion law, and, today we learn, UN-backed sex "education" in the Phillipines. The Anglo-American (together with the racist Israeli) empire has hardly gone away, it appears only to have been morphing before our eyes.

--->His Golem Art Speaks of "Materiality" (How original--sh)

"The narrative works of Jonathan Delachaux grasp our attention as we merge into the world of his imaginary characters, Vassili, Johan and Naima. The golems he has created for his art are human-like yet macabre. Delachaux’s works are composed of series of extended storylines that explore the mythological resonance of the figures within the painted scene....

Note: Try to place yourself in a material "space"; if you cannot do otherwise that is Ok. Now, breathe in, breathe out, and dream the dream of Delachaux ... then make haste to see your psychiatrist. I wonder how Delachaux would fare here. Even Aldous Huxley despised so much of what is called "modern art". 'Decrepitude' he called it.

--->Nancy Pelosi Comes Out of a Certain Kind of Closet: Ditches Catholic Credentials, Can't Say if Jesus Has Right to Life. "Nancy Pelosi further ditched her Catholic credentials again as she was unable to answer a reporter's question about whether Jesus Christ should have had his right to life protected from conception.

"Earlier this year, Pelosi said she has an obligation to pursue public policy “in keeping with the values” of Jesus. Yet, asked by a CNS News reporter late last week whether Jesus has the right to life, Pelosi couldn't agree. (Pray for the lady. She must choose: Jesus, "far above all rule and authority, power and dominion, and every title that can be given, not only in the present age but also in the one to come--- or Pilate; Eph 1:17--sh)

I'm absolutely starved for attention, darling.--->I didn't make The List again this year. But she did--->

"Vanity Fair magazine has released its International Best Dressed List. Here is a look at some of the celebrities and royalty that made the list for their unique sense of style and notable causes, including brother-sister duo Jake and Maggie Gylenhaal. Maggie's favorite item of clothing is a patterned silk Dries Van Noten blazer. Jake's favorite is his Hoyle Jackson jeans." (I mean, Really, who gives a damn?)

--->In praise of Dante by Jim and Nancy Forest. "Prodded by a question from a friend who has been looking at the photos I took last month in Tuscany, I asked Harry Isbell, who has translated for Penguin and other publishers some of the Latin classics, if he could unravel the text at the bottom of the Dante portrait by Domenico di Michelino that hangs in the Duomo in Florence..."Who sang of Heaven, and of the regions twain, Midway and in the abyss...

--->The Food Movement, Rising, A review of, among other books, Janet A. Flammang's A Taste for Civilization. "Cheap food has become an indispensable pillar of the modern economy. But it is no longer an invisible or uncontested one. One of the most interesting social movements to emerge in the last few years is the “food movement,” or perhaps I should say “movements,” since it is unified as yet by little more than the recognition that industrial food production is in need of reform because its social/environmental/public health/animal welfare/gastronomic costs are too high...

Courtesy of the NY Review of Books"Significant social and political costs have resulted from fast food and convenience foods,” she writes, “grazing and snacking instead of sitting down for leisurely meals, watching television during mealtimes instead of conversing”—40 percent of Americans watch television during meals—”viewing food as fuel rather than sustenance, discarding family recipes and foodways, and denying that eating has social and political dimensions.” The cultural contradictions of capitalism—its tendency to undermine the stabilizing social forms it depends on—are on vivid display at the modern American dinner table...

--->Deconstructing Prince Charles: Mental illness runs in both sides of his highly inbred family. Is this why he recommends daily coffee enemas for cancer patients? And what about...

--->Millions for abortion OK, $80k for pro-life group illegal? While government spends hundreds of millions on groups like Planned Parenthood, a San Diego supervisor is under fire for using special county fund to sponsor ‘Life Walk’

Note: Striking at the root of human sacredness, the tragedy is heart rending. We need look no further, here is the way so many have fallen prey to contemporary propaganda and so have come to unwittingly "love their servitude," in a culture of death, of abortion and the pesticide Pill as population control, engineering a new Order where Nothing is sacred... another holocaust has been rolling since 1973 in this country, affecting 'peoples of color' especially hard.

And then, enough to make Huxley seem a kind of prophet for seeing it so soon:

---> Madness. Telegraph: US accused of making insect spy robots. No government agency has admitted to developing insect-size spy drones but various official and private organisations have admitted that they are trying. But official protestations of innocence have failed to kill speculation of government involvement after a handful of sightings of the objects at political events in New York and Washington.

--->Bloody Population Control Knives and Poisons Target Africa, and for $$$ profit via rolling globalist death Machine.

--->UK Announces Plan to Push Radical Sex Agenda on Developing Nations (Huh? It can get more radical?)

--->Holy Heresy Batman! Rev. Joseph Patrick Breen, [Protestant] pastor of St. Edward's Catholic Church in Nashville TN. (Memo to Fr. Breen: you wonder why some left the Church during your watch? But why get out of bed on Sunday mornings when they can catch Mr. Rogers reruns for the substance of what you blather about in the Land of Make Believe, poor man? Only Mr. Rogers said it all O so very much better).

O dear, the Waters did not seem very Calm today...

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  1. Steven P. CornettAugust 4, 2010 at 6:41 PM

    Once again, our states, which in the original framework of the Constitution were seen as Sovereign are now seen as provinces of an overarching "Federal" government. What's worse, the people who attempted to use their state's means of amending their constitution were flipped the bird by their own leaders.

    And, it would seem, the Supreme Court may be the only thing that stands between every state and another remaking of the provinces in regards to marriage. We may be on the verge of another Roe v. Wade in the hands of our black robed tyrants.