Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Sacred Fire of Woman

Reconnecting sacred realities rent

Sin regrets, love begets
in enchantment nothing compares
but beauty is not for auction
lest Hell we purchase there

Enticement's ends are more of you,
what's less the good eschew
Steal this Fire for selfish ends
and God will conquer you

In the spring of youth she blossoms
and bees come 'round the Tree
what creation adores is awesome
but this is not for free

The milk of Love is holy
and men forget its cost:
a curse where sin acts boldly
with what eternal Loss

So now the great unlearning
what men have failed to tell
be careful of your burning
and what the Liars sell

One and one are thwarted
till three begins the quest
from love to Love is started
with vows to give us Rest


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