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Homosexuals as Persons vs. the 'Gay Agenda'

The so-called 'gay' agenda is clearly a problem for Catholics worldwide because on the one hand our faith tells us that we are to love all our fellow human beings, whatever their problems, knowing that we are all sinners, even as we uphold the Natural Law of the created order. In order to do this I believe we must clearly distinguish homosexual persons and the movements which seek to change laws, redefine marriage and the way human sexuality is taught to our children in schools.

In my work with the down-and-out over the years I knew many such persons and was always considered one who was a friend of, and who sought to protect, such persons from abusive attitudes which can sometimes abound in shelters and mental health facilities. I'm speaking of clients here, not those on Staff who could be brutal in their unswerving political correctness. I would not tolerate those who would harass such persons and I sought to correct the problem whenever it occurred. But it is also true I could not help but view the condition as a disorder even if mental health professionals, for many curious reasons in the last 40 years, have de-listed homosexuality as a disorder. This de-listing always struck me as about as irresponsible as Mr. Kinsey's personal life (For more on that see Dr. Judith Reisman's website here). Psychological phobic reactions to the opposite sex can hardly be ignored, even if it is not politically correct to say so.

Too many homosexuals with whom I was friends at work (clients) and with whom I spoke over the decades told horrid tales of various kinds of abuse in the home or elsewhere, same sex "experiences" with older persons as children or neglect when growing up. Many eventually were not only indifferent to the opposite sex as potential sexual mates but thought that the opposite sex were, as one homosexual man told me, "positively disgusting" in the sexual sense---literally "disgusting" in their body and sexual bodily functions. This always struck me as a phobic reaction and anomaly which psychologists, likely for many cultural reasons, discounted in their appraisal.

Pornography and "Fantasy"

Unfortunately most homosexuals I knew admitted they reinforced their gender confusions and negative reactions to the opposite sex through pornographic fantasy indulgence and by seeking acceptance and sex in the homosexual subculture. The significance of this sinful reinforcement in my opinion cannot be overestimated. St. Paul says

Don't you know that when you offer yourselves to someone to obey him as slaves, you are slaves to the one whom you obey—whether you are slaves to sin, which leads to death, or to obedience, which leads to righteousness?---Rom 6:16

We must as Christians ever and most sincerely care for homosexuals as for any persons, even as we point out when asked the road back to psychological and moral alignment with the order of creation (the homosexual 'lifestyle' makes no sense even according to evolutionary models since it provides no offspring, no furtherance of the species) by repudiating pornography and by accepting the objective givens of nature, the teleology of the body which does not lie; it rejects the complementarity / diversity of creation's intrinsic male-female structure which alone makes the future, lest we show contempt for that created order of the world; which contempt must signal neurosis and sin. Sexual fantasy knows no limits of kind and leads to devastating personal and social consequences from an early age when acted upon. No. We must reject that ethic which says "if it feels good do it". That way lies narcissism, selfishness, and existential loneliness for the childless aging. Passions unrestrained are dangerous in the extreme, as Plato taught long ago.

At the same time we must reject any and all movements which seek to reorder society along statistically anomalous lines and against the language of the human body. The sexual margins as such should have no disproportionate representation and platform in the media. No movement can repudiate the order of creation without reaping the objective consequences for doing so; in this case a host of lethal diseases and cultural chaos. The New Order of the world proposed by some actively promotes homosexual pawns, abortion, etc---indulgence of almost all promiscuous lusts---for easy money and population control, and as a means to undermine family and common sense.

Without acrimony, most of us do not in the final analysis care what people do in private---each must answer to God for him or herself, though we consider it an abuse of God-given freedom, of which the human body tells---as long it is not spreading diseases, and not trying to politicize such private actions, ideologically seeking through propaganda to persuade our children under various pretexts in the classroom and media, etc. Sex should be kept the bedroom, strictly private, it is all most of us ask. It is dissipation and incontinence to constantly be broadcasting bedroom activity, how much more attempting to impose it in the public sphere.

--->Oral sex now main cause of oral cancer: Who faces biggest risk? "Scientists say that 64 percent of cancers of the oral cavity, head, and neck in the U.S. are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is commonly spread via oral sex, NPR reported. The more oral sex you have - and the more oral sex partners you have - the greater the risk of developing these potentially deadly cancers...(click) [Nobody gets such cancers from abstinence, obedience to God's commandments. People have been sold lethal lies.]

"Man and woman are "two different expressions of human nature. Their difference has a specifically complementary character. Man and woman are spiritually ordered toward each other and a much closer communion and ultimate love is between a man and woman engenders a unique I-thou intense longing for union and blissful enchantment with the spouse." --- Dietrich von Hildebrand writing in "Man and Woman" (click)."
---Updated Feb 2011

Michael Bérubé writes: "There exists an external world, whose properties are independent of any individual human being... these properties are encoded in 'eternal' physical laws and ...human beings can obtain reliable, albeit imperfect and tentative, knowledge".

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