Friday, August 13, 2010

Democracy: The Responsibility and Warning

"In every democratic power, a fortiori in every 'pure' democratic power, that is to say where there is no delegation (from above), there is a hidden oligarchy which is both contrary to its principles and indispensable to its functioning...the explanation of jacobinism is the 'machine' hidden within the shade of the people. For if democracy is characterized by an egalitarian relationship of each member of the social body to ideas, the real action animating it and the need to throw up powers or a power are incompatible with the egalitarianism of the system.

"But when those powers are those of a representative regime, that is elected on terms of public competition with different choices to the citizens, then it is an organizational precondition of the competition that it be in the hands of specialists in 'politics' who make a career of manipulating public 'opinion'. For the price to be paid for the fiction of pure democracy is the reverse side of ideology, the omnipotence of the machine, the 'inner circle' of that society or organization which prefabricates the consensus of opinion and monopolizes its exploitation. It is an anonymous oligarchy of obscure mediocrities who are successively interchangeable".--- Francois Furet, Thinking the French Revolution, Pp 228-229.

Note: If the majority = truth then it would have to follow that Christ deserved to be crucified since a manipulated majority 'vote' made even Pilate surrender his conscience. We need to return to a stable republic based on stable law which finally acknowledges Christ the King, else it will be woe after woe for all. Ill-defined democracy has always been the play-thing of the oligarchies who seek to "manufacture consent"; and so democracy must be hedged about by truth. A democratic vote is certainly to be encouraged in the normal election of representatives, but never to the overturning of the Foundations in a decent nation which is the Christian moral and natural laws, the family.

Once-Catholic nations in Europe have today found their modern leaders seduced by wine, women (the bad kind, of course!), song and fist fulls of endless cash (which does not find its way to the people for long, who are endlessly robbed), and so they are marching straightway into the Nihil. The Freemasonic roots of radical "separation" of Church and state and transvaluation of "liberty" is a ruse, since Freemasonry with its ritual and beliefs is a religion by definition. They have simply substituted for Christianity their own religion. The moral and natural laws can never be separate from the concerns of state, since family is the most fundamental stable unit which makes the very future possible in any nation; what fosters family is what is good for society; what undermines family is an evil.

Church and state certainly have separate functions and are autonomous in their own spheres, but each are built on the very same foundations when society is decent and good. When democracy is conceived as ever evolving, the wealthy manipulative oligarchies must win and citizens become reduced to the slaves of oligarchical whims. We need reforms, at least in traditionally Catholic nations.

In sum: The much touted "sovereignty of the majority" is most often an illusion because this "majority" is almost always manipulated by the aforementioned hidden or open wealthy oligarchies which constantly engineer majority opinion, especially in our day where so many forms of monopoly media are owned by these same concentrated centers of financial capital. When we understand this we understand how a nation's once decent values (reflecting residual Christian principles) can be so butchered in such a short a period of time.

The closer a nation comes to God's law, the closer it comes to peace, decency and stability based on justice and goodness; conversely, the farther away a nation moves from this, the closer it comes to nihilism and chaos which just begs for totalitarian "correction," which the oligarchs are only too eager to provide.

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See John Paul II on authentic democracy.

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From all such, spare us O Lord. [This Post Last Updated: Oct. 2010]