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The Church and the NWO

For the Church to Oppose Abortion, Contraception & Depopulation Is to Oppose the Whole Tissue of the Proposed So-Called New World Order; It Is To Stand with the Poor and Vulnerable of This World

Culture of Life, Ratzinger,  standing with Mother Teresa, is today Benedict XVICardinal Ratzinger (Today Benedict XVI) Severely Criticizes U.N.'S Proposal for New World Order

Poverty Cannot Be Combated by Eliminating Poor

Rome, Sept 18, 2000 ( & Rome, SEPT. 15, 2000 (,- The so-called U.N. Millennium Summit, the largest gathering of heads of State and government in history, held in New York from September 6-8, reflected on the role this international organization should play and the reforms that must be made to fulfil its mission of peace and defense of human rights.

Now, the voice of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, is raised in reflection on the United Nations' role in this new millennium.

Following the failure of Marxism and the obvious limitations of the liberal model, the "New World Order" emerges, increasingly referred to by the U.N. and international conferences, Cardinal Ratzinger points out in today's issue of the Italian newspaper "Avvenire."

Meetings, such as the one on Population held in Cairo in 1994, and on Woman in Beijing in 1995, have clearly revealed "a real and proper philosophy of the new man and new world," the cardinal explained.

Reduce the Guests at the Common Table

"A philosophy of this kind no longer has the utopian burden that characterized the Marxist dream," he clarified. "On the contrary, it is very realistic, in as much as it sets limits to the means available for reaching it and recommends, for example, without by so doing attempting to justify itself, not being concerned with the care of those who are no longer productive or who can no longer hope for a determined quality of life."

This philosophy, the Cardinal says, "no longer hopes that men, used to wealth and well-being, will be disposed to make the necessary sacrifices to attain a general welfare, but rather proposes strategies to reduce the number of guests at the table of humanity, so that the presumed happiness they have attained will not be affected."

Woman Against Woman "The peculiarity of this new anthropology, which should be at the base of the New World Order, is evident especially in the image of woman, in the ideology of "Women's Empowerment," born from the Beijing Conference. The objective of this ideology is woman's fulfilment. However, the principal obstacles to her fulfilment are the family and maternity," the cardinal revealed.

"Because of this," the Bavarian cardinal said, reflecting on the positions of U.N. agencies, "Woman must be liberated especially of what characterizes her, namely, her feminine specificity. This must be annulled before a 'Gender equity' and 'equality,' before an indistinct and uniform human being, in whose life sexuality has no other meaning than a voluptuous drug, that can be used without any criteria."

Eclipse of "Philosophy of Love" "In the fear of maternity that has taken hold of a great part of our contemporaries, there is at stake something that is even more profound: in the end, the other is always an antagonist who deprives us of a part of life, a threat to our self and our free development," Cardinal Ratzinger clarified.

"Duty to Protest"

"Today there is no longer a 'philosophy of love,' but only a 'philosophy of selfishness.' It is precisely here that people are deceived. In fact, at the moment they are advised not to love, they are advised, in the final analysis, not to be human. For this reason, at this stage of the development of the new image of the new world, Christians -- and not just them but in any case even more than others -- have the duty to protest," the Cardinal concluded. --30--

Note: This does not mean opposing all international organizations in principle, but it does mean not approving them against a culture of life as the UN presently does. There is much confusion and naivety in the world and Church and other denominations today (false promises have been bandied) about these matters. It is then time to become more, not less, alert.

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The Church as always diplomatically seeks to make alliances where it is possible, however she knows very well it is not always possible. This is why the the "centers" of world power have been hostile to the Catholic Church for so long:

Church and Benedict XVI confronting heart of secular world, archbishop states

--->Christianity Out in the Cold: "It [EU] is, however, the book explains, influenced by a strongly secularist orientation that is hostile to the established churches, especially the Catholic Church."

"Love thy neighbor as thyself": The Church's opposition to abortion, contraception, modern sexual anarchy and depopulation (to say nothing of IT's wars!) certainly also precludes any "one world religion," though not cooperation with other religions and denominations where possible. In fact it would appear the World Council of Churches and great numbers of "liberal" Protestants are at the head of syncretistic efforts, far beyond mere alliance where possible for the common good.

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