Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wrath of the Red Dragon

The Peoples Paradise...where the State alone is ultimate, stranger to mercy

Wednesday on (Boston PBS station) Wbur's On Point program, host Tom Ashbrook asked Energy Sec. Steven Chu if he ever wished we could just dictate orders about the economy and environment "like they do in China"?

--->Chinese Authorities Orchestrate Brutal Sterilization Round-Up of Thousands GUANGZHOU, China, April 19, 2010 ( – Chinese authorities in southern China are waging a brutal 20-day campaign to round up 10,000 men and women and have them sterilized for violating the state’s birth control quotas, reports the UK Times Online. According to the Times, officials in Puning county are exercising coercive methods – such as arresting family members of those who refuse to be sterilized – because the county is getting too populous and making them look bad in contrast to the other counties of Guandong Province...Read it all

--->Girl's 'forced' abortion blamed on government 'death panel': 'This is what happens in China. Girls are taken kicking and screaming'

Today there has been much progress, we are told, China is 'our' new friend, very Progressive in terms of abortion and family planning. Executed prisoners have their organs harvested and sold to organ trafficking dealers. Hillary Clinton in 1995 used it as the venue for a great "Women's Conference" in Beijing (see the "slick" doublespeak employed). George Herbert Walker Bush did nothing when students all over China begged for help, or at least real moral support, in the Tienanmen Square protests of 1989, exactly 200 years after the French Revolution.

Support Walmart is to support brutal China where most of the goods are made
David Rockefeller's, 1973: on Communist China

"The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly from the singleness of ideology and purpose . . . The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in history..."One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony.... Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded... in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive..." New York Times, 8-10-1973

--->Rep. Smith Confronts Clinton on Abortion, Coercive One-Child Policy. "Pregnancy is not a disease. The child in the womb is neither a tumor nor a parasite to be destroyed," Smith told the former First Lady".

--->More So-called 'Progress': "China's hi-tech 'death van' where criminals are executed and then their organs are sold on black market. "In chilling echoes of the 'gas-wagon' project pioneered by the Nazis to slaughter criminals, the mentally ill and Jews, this former member of the China People's Party will be handcuffed to a so-called 'humane' bed and executed inside a gleaming new, hi-tech, mobile 'death van.' After trials of the mobile execution service were launched quietly three years ago - then hushed up to prevent an international row about the abuse of human rights before the Olympics last summer - these vehicles are now being deployed across China.

"The number of executions is expected to rise to a staggering 10,000 people this year (2009) (not an impossible figure given that at least 68 crimes - including tax evasion and fraud - are punishable by death in China)...Read it all

--->Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Urges Canada to Promote Abortion at G8 Mtg (March 2010)

--->President Obama Named former Hillary Chief of Staff and Abortion Backer to New Foreign Women's Issues Post

--->China and The World Bank: "A Partnership in Innovation"

--->The United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT) described the criminalisation of abortion under any circumstances in Nicaragua as a violation of human rights.

--->Organ "Transplant tourism". Taking advantage of countries that have nebulous definitions of brain-death and often don’t enforce organ trafficking laws, those in need of organs will often travel to places such as Israel, India, and eastern European countries to purchase organs illegally. In South Africa, those arriving for transplant tourism often receive their transplants in hospitals that are more akin to luxury hotels than transplant centers ...10 Shocking Facts about International organ trafficking.

--->UK budget deficit 'to surpass Greece's as worst in EU'

--->Gerald Warner on the New World Disorder: “The landscape of the European Union has taken on the hue of full-blown crisis: Greece in flames, Portugal and Spain one step behind, Ireland talking a good game, Italy probably less fragile than it appears but who’s betting the farm on that, Britain Browned-off and now, the coup de grĂ¢ce, Germany heading for political paralysis in just four days’ time...Nothing less than the future of Europe, and with that the future of Germany in Europe, is at stake,” Merkel has just admitted, while pleading for a speed-up of the Greek bail-out. Such near-desperation, from the strongest member of the EU, and the implosive situation it reflects betray that the Evil Empire is in its weakest and most debilitated state in its history...Read it all

--->Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party candidate, had an extraordinary escape after his plane flipped upside down and nosedived into a field during an election stunt. The politician was pulled semi-conscious from the wreckage, his face swollen and blood running across his cheek, after the accident at Hinton-in-the-Hedges airfield, near Brackley, Northants. Shocking pictures... May God help and heal the good man.

Human 'Evolution' Story Stumbles Over Footprints

by Brian Thomas, M.S.

Sometime in the distant past, two or three individuals walked across wet volcanic ash, leaving a trail that continues to puzzle scientists. When the Laetoli footprints were discovered over 30 years ago in Tanzania, the tracks looked like they were caused by the feet of modern humans, which supposedly did not “emerge” until 2.5 million years ago. But the footprint-containing rock had been assigned an older age of 3.6 million years...Read it all

Note: What the world and real hard science (as opposed to scientism) needs is men and women of learning who are free from the prejudices engendered by the need for constant funding and peer acceptance, and who are skeptical of the dogmas even of so-called science itself; men and women who are dedicated to objective facts even when they do not lead to certainties and cherished dogmas in a cosmos which defies "grasping" and certainly all attempts at manipulating.

--->Archbishop Nienstedt — Sorrowful Mother is sign of hope, solace . Mary of Nazareth at the foot of the Cross.

--->Peter Hitchens: TV damages young children - the evidence is overwhelming

Television is programming little onesWe have so many health scares, some more important than others, that it always amazes me that we never have one about the dire effect of TV on young children. I have said for years that you would be better off giving your children neat gin than letting them watch TV when they are very young, or ever to watch it unsupervised (and believe me, for those who miss the point of this statement - as some always do - I wouldn't advise the gin either).

Now, as with the poison cannabis (falsely promoted as 'soft' and harmless by evil and stupid people), the science is piling up on my side - though it is still quite socially acceptable to bung small infants in front of the TV as a 'third parent' and there is a whole BBC channel apparently devoted to providing programmes for tiny children who shouldn't, in my view, be watching at all...Read it all

--->Even the Muppets go "lewd and rude"...imagine the mentality of 'adults' who are regularly entertained by lewd and rude puppets. We've seen an intensifying free-for-all media assault on family and Christian values for sometime now, and at every level, especially since the Clinton's and Bush's took office, it seems to me. Some trace it more remotely to the assassination of JFK.

--->Cliff Kincaid: homosexuals dominate the big media. It only stands to reason that what we see on that neuro-linquistic propaganda device we call tele-vision reflects the collapse of morals which exist in the producers of it.

Serpent's ongoing Lie--->Paul C. Wright: The New Prison Industrial-Complex: State Budgets and Technology in the Age of Declining State Revenue (Meanwhile, 99.9% of those who looted the treasuries of this and other nations through greed, manipulation and corruption walk free and raise filled glasses at black tie dinners...)

--->G8 Battle Breaks Out Over International Abortion Funding. God bless the resisters of this antichristic 'global ethic'. Just say no.

--->Israel's Ethnic Cleaning. RAMALLAH — Several Palestinians have set up a protest tent in no-man’s land in the northern Gaza Strip, near the Erez border crossing into Israel, as they protest their deportation from the Israeli occupied West Bank into Gaza where Hamas authorities have refused them entry. Tens of thousands of other Palestinians face a possibly similar predicament in the near future

--->IMF Octopus. Romania braces for economic hard times "Romania will slash wages in the public sector by 25 percent and pensions by 15 percent in order to meet IMF deficit target"

--->Arizona to shut off highway speed cameras. Officials decline to renew the contract for the highly unpopular program that was used to ticket motorists going more than 10 mph over the limit.

---> I was talking with a friend who was said people are not preparing for what could be difficult times. When the wood is green they forget things can can go very dry and quick. It looked good in the Roaring 20's too, but little did people know what was coming in the 40's. It's the same here, I said. It's been so normal for so long people are not careful. Ah, to live in the country! where people are often more realistic, because they know the seasons change.