Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time Out! for Africa

But, let's be clear, Africa is hardly only about wondrous wild life preserves or National Geographic specials. And God forbid that it ever come to this (click), considered as potential landfill for a so-called "New World Order," or a vast mine to exploit for diamonds and other resources, or as new turf for population control madmen. Africa is about human beings.

"Most of the headlines in newspapers and television are ones that continue the American disillusionment with the African continent and its population. Led by a history of colonialism, European domination, and slavery since the 18th - 19th centuries, Africa has been labelled a "dark continent" (see Conrad, 1990; McCarthy, 1983). The visions of wild savagery and irrational tribalism still prevail. Racial terms such as “black-on-black violence,” “black factionalism,” and “tribalism” are not only still applied by the media, but are symbols of degradation, primitivism, and dehumanisation of the West toward Africa (Hawk 1992: 9) Considering that one-tenth of the world’s population is African, it is evident that a change is needed...Read on

--->Update: UN Partners With NGOs to Push Abortion in Africa...

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